Disney Buys Carousel Inn & Suites: 131-Room Property Across Street From Theme Park’s Main Gate

Disney has purchased the 131-room Carousel Inn & Suites for $32 million; the hotel is located directly across Harbor Boulevard from the theme park’s main gate.

From the OC Register:

Disney, through a limited-liability corporation, Carousel Holdings EAT, purchased the 131-room Carousel Inn & Suites on 1530 S. Harbor Blvd. from Good Hope International.

Messages to Good Hope representatives for comment were not returned on Wednesday. A Carousel Inn manager said he was unaware of the sale. A Disneyland spokeswoman confirmed the purchase.

Sandwiched between the Pizza Press restaurant and the Tropicana Inn & Suites, the five-story hotel features a rooftop pool and guest rooms ranging in size from 300 to 700 square feet. Guests typically pay $109 to $400 per night.

Disney finalized the purchase on March 23, according to public records.

“The Walt Disney Co. saw this as a strategic investment, as opportunities to purchase properties in close proximity to the resort are extremely rare,” said Suzi Brown, a Disneyland spokeswoman.

Brown said the current management will continue to operate the Carousel Inn. She added that Disney has no long-term plans for the property at this time.

“I think whatever they have in mind will be good for the resort district,” said Bill Snyder, president of the Anaheim/Orange County Hotel & Lodging Association.


You can read the entire article here.


  1. How long before CATER and “the good Jose Moreno” sue Disney, insisting that this property be reserved for low income visitors and insist they provide free babysitting and meal vouchers?

  2. Yeah “Brian,” that is SO consistent with CATER’s past actions. Where do you GET this stuff? You want to disagree with us? Bring up issues we have actually been involved with, we can debate all you want. Otherwise you are simply telling the world you are ignorant of the facts. You are free to do that, if you choose, but leave CATER out of the ramblings unless you want to address our actions and not what your active imagination conjures up about our actions.

    • That’s the problem I have Ma’am (to steal a overused and condescending salutation from you, Ms. Ward).

      We don’t know who CATER is and what they stand for. We know of no requirements or rules and policies that they adhere too. We only have the example of CATER making a bunch of noise in search of a payday. Only to back off and surrender when a bill might come due.

      Your civic activism has been hijacked by those you associate with and your “blogging” with frankly some very disturbing individuals. That’s quite a bunch you run with.

      But, my opinion of your poor choice of colleagues is eclipsed by the fact that you have steadfastly refused to identify your membership, once explaining they have “a lot to lose”. If true this again illustrates your hallow commitment to “accountability and change”.

      You are a busybody who found her self an out of work lawyer and are making waves. Fortunately for those of us who actually live in Anaheim……..those waves crash.

      • And you don’t miss the irony of posting this anonymously?

        CATER should be judged on the actions we have taken.

        When the Council pushed through a massive behind-the-scenes deal for the Stadium and Stadium District, absent public disclosure both before and after the agreements, that offered high value real estate owned by the people of Anaheim to Arte Moreno for a dollar a year, we objected. When the mayor was denied the basic rights to conduct due diligence prior to his vote, and when the attorney presenting the contracts flat out misrepresented the basic agreements to his clients in a public forum, while publicly browbeating his client into agreeing to something that had been given to him hours earlier without time to review, we grew alarmed. But when we were denied access to public records that had no legal basis for denial, and it became clear that the law had been broken, and broken deliberately, it was time to take a stand.

        We tried quietly asking the City to fix the problem with a Cure and Correct letter, but the City Attorney blew us off without even discussing with his clients the option we presented, to simply REVOTE the agreements after fully disclosing the background information the public was denied. Silly me, to believe the public should have access to public records or that the public has the right to scrutinize deals being made on our behalf for real estate we own. It is painfully clear that the Stadium and ESPECIALLY the Stadium District agreements of September 3 were the result of a back room deal made by someone outside the legal requirements to disclose those negotiations, and I am not about to apologize for fighting back against that type of deal brokering.

        I am unsure of the payoff you think anyone is getting. As Plaintiff I have not demanded “damages” either for myself or my non-profit, while putting my butt on the line, and taking time from my own business, family, and social life. Any big pay day exists solely in your own mind. While I/we have more than one attorney, I assume you reference Greg Diamond. He is far from “out of work” and my entire legal team has graciously deferred a great many payments in the belief that what we are doing is right and just and they simply want to help hold government accountable to the people it is legally obligated to serve. Arguments against CATER’s stadium suit tend to be from people who have never read the suit, and have no idea what we have requested of the court.

        On the Convention Center suit, it was clear the City Council did not understand what they were approving nor did they seem to care, they only wanted to placate the line up of those who had spoke in favor of the deal, which put them to work on a big project at the expense of taxpayers, without the permission of those taxpayers to mortgage our future, in complete violation of the City Charter and the public trust. Council kept making references to their belief that the ATID would pay for the bonds , when it doesn’t, the bonds are paid by lease payments which are produced by the General Fund, with money staff HOPES will be produced by increased revenues from the Resort, but there is ZERO guarantee that the 3% increase in business year in and year out despite the cyclical nature of tourism will actually materialize. The General Fund will pay for those bonds whether the money is there or not. In fact, the 1997 bonds to fund the Disney expansion have consistently NOT met expectations and have drawn against reserves, but the Finance Director doesn’t tell anyone that, nor does she mention the HUGE BALLOON PAYMENTS caused by bonds that accrue compound interest and CANNOT BE REFINANCED. There is one lurking a few decades out that equals THREE TIMES MORE than ALL the TOT revenue from ALL hotels in Anaheim today, and we have had no reports from anyone at City Hall regarding how we plan to pay for that. So yes I have problems with staff blatantly misrepresenting finances during a public meeting, knowing leaders are relying upon those financial claims to make a decision that can seriously impact Anaheim’s ability to cover our bills into the future. Again, silly me to demand that staff be truthful in their presentations to the Council and public, and that all the facts be put out there for public review before a decision is made that is worth hundreds of millions in public funding.

        We didn’t lose the Convention Center battle because the City was correct in their claims for why they are allowed to sell those bonds, we lost because the City went into court with an argument that was totally contrary to what Council had been told they were approving. The City’s own law firm admitted if they had to defend the position they had offered to the City Council they could hand the whole thing over to plaintiffs without a fight. Now tell me that is some form of “best practice” for government, to tell Council one thing while doing something completely contrary with public funding.

        yep, I am just a rabble rouser looking out for my own selfish interests and messing it up for everyone else. You want to explain what it is I am getting from this? Other than carpal tunnel…?

        • Did Anyone Notice.....

          That Cynthia STILL did not address the question?

          Who is CATER? Is there another member besides her? We know her lawyer can’t be part, he lives in Brea!

          I want to agree with “Who Is CATER”, it’s time to put up or shut up Cynthia. If it’s just you say so, and trudge on with your “actions”. I would also agree a three time felon, a Gang Momma and a kitchen table lawyer do not make you look particularly formative.

          Please feel free to skip another thousand word response and answer the question: Is there anyone in this “group” besides you? Who is willing to put their name behind it?

          • And you are who, again, that I need to give a rat’s behind about what you think? Try that on someone who ties their sense of self worth to the opinions of anonymous online critics. Nice try, though, on the imperious demand, it was executed with just the right touch of haughty insistence.

        • Diamond's not a girl's best friend

          CATER has a small membership. Everyone can fit in Duamond’s Prius. Ever notice how even when CATER loses, Cynthia won’t admit defeat. CATER is Tait’s way to get what he wants by lawsuit andCynthia is his puppet.

  3. How long tell Disney announces this is the new drop-off point for that ridiculously expensive streetcar system?


      If anyone were paying attention they would recognize what is going on is on the FOREFRONT of transportation technology. While Cynthia Ward is playing dress up and her counsel is playing lawyer, engineers from the worlds premier transportation technology companies are walking Katella, visiting the RED CAR in DCFA, watching what happens at the Grove in LA and the Americana in Glendale.
      Mix into that a bus vendor from San Diego, and Italian transit service and Adam Elmerherek will be asking: “How did that happen”.
      For someone who proclaims to be a “Hawk” at reviewing public doc’s. CATERS sole member looks like more of a pigeon.
      Spend a hundred Diamond (a months salary) and go ride the environmentally friendly trolly, then ask your buddy the Governor about it.

  4. This sounds to me like Disney will demolish the Carousel Inn and make it into a straight path for a Monorail or new type of Public Transit System for its new parking structure located directly behind the Inn.

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