Judges Picked For Advisory Committee Charged With Helping Draw Council District Lines

judge gavel

Among the items of Tuesday’s city council agenda was constituting the membership of the Advisory Committee that will work with staff to draw the lines for six single-member council districts, per Measures L and M that were passed by Anaheim voters last November.

As I noted on Tuesday, fourteen retired judges applied to be on the committee. Only one, retired Justice Edward Wallin, lives in Anaheim. Consequently, he is automatically selected. The other 13 names were put into a hat and the first four drawn constitute the Advisory Committee:

  • Judge Stephen Sunvold
  • Judge Thomas Thrasher
  • Judge James Jackman
  • Judge Nancy Wieben Stock

Two additional names were drawn as replacements in case in any of the preceding names have to quit:

  • Judge David Brickner
  • Judge James Alfano

Click here to read their bios.

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