3 Anaheim Police Officers Involved In Shooting of Knife-Wielding Attacker Identified

According to the OC Register, the names have been released of the three Anaheim police officers who were involved in the fatal March shooting of a women who came at them with two knives; a few hours earlier, the woman had earlier stabbed another woman at a laundromat.

Three veteran Anaheim police officers, one of whom has shot and killed an Anaheim resident before, have been identified as the shooters in a deadly March 8 encounter with a knife-wielding woman.

Dale Miller, Kevin Flanagan and Jonathan Nooitgedagt, all longtime Anaheim Police Department officers, fired shots around 6 p.m. March 8 at Monique Jenee Deckard, 43, in an apartment complex courtyard in the 900 block of South Roberts Street.

Deckard, who bolted out of her apartment after barricading herself for about 20 minutes, ran toward the officers with two knives when they shot her, police Lt. Bob Dunn said.

She later died at a hospital.

Authorities suspect Deckard stabbed a woman in the back with a knife inside Express Coin Laundry, 926 S. Euclid St., about 30 minutes before the shooting.

According to the OCR article, Officer Flanagan shot and killed an Anaheim man in 2008:

In October 2008, Julian Alexander, 20, was killed after carrying a large stick and going outside in the early-morning hours to see who or what was causing a loud noise. Flanagan was chasing three burglary suspects – none of whom were related to Alexander – through a yard when he shined a flashlight at Alexander and ordered him to put down the stick before shooting and killing him.

Reasonable people can separate the two incidents and not jump to paint Officer Flanagan as trigger-happy. Ms. Deckard’s death is a tragedy stemming from apparent mental illness; and when anyone comes at police officers armed with two knives following a stabbing attack on another person, the circumstances and training lead to a predictable and unfortunate outcome.

Naturally, the reaction from some of the usual suspects is to claim Deckard was “murdered” and call the Anaheim Police Department a “death squad.” It’s tough to assign credibility to people who reflexively label every officer-involved shooting a “murder.”

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