#SD37 Watch: Another IE Mailer Hitting Moorlach; OC Supervisors Endorse Wagner

Another independent expenditure landed in 37th Senate District mailboxes yesterday:

3-2 IE hit on Moorlach


This mailer is from the California Statewide Law Enforcement Association Independent Expenditure Committee (which so far has spent $29,875 on this race) and the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs (AOCDS) IE Committee (which has spent $14,965 thus far).

The bad blood between Moorlach and the AOCDS goes back many years, especially since his election to the Board of Supervisors. The involvement of the AOCDS and public safety unions in general is very much about the disdain they feel for Moorlach, who disdains them right back; it really isn’t a pro-Wagner campaign – notwithstanding the Moorlach campaign’s cynical attempts to paint Wagner as the candidate of public employee union candidate. Back in 2009, a consultant with close ties to Moorlach related to me a story from his police officer brother, who had just attended a statewide meeting of public safety union PACs.  The consultant’s brother said one of highest priorities cited by the conference organizers was finding someone to run against Moorlach for re-election. This helps put these IEs in the proper perspective.

Wagner Garners Support of Current and Former OC Supervisors
The Wagner for Senate campaign yesterday announced the “overwhelming majority of Orange County Supervisors, past and present, have announced their support for Assemblyman Don Wagner over their former colleague John Moorlach for the Special Election for the 37th Senate District”:

Current Orange County Supervisors Todd Spitzer, Michelle Steel, Lisa Bartlett and Andrew Do have endorsed Wagner, as have former Supervisors Pat Bates, Janet Nguyen and Moorlach’s predecessor as Supervisor, Jim Silva. Bates, Nguyen, and Spitzer served along side Moorlach on the County Board.

“Don has been a relentless advocate on behalf of Orange County and is someone who actually gets results. Supporting Don was an easy decision,” said Supervisor Bartlett.

“Don has been a partner for our local communities,” added Supervisor Do. “Don has my support because he’s not a politician, he’s a reform-minded citizen who puts common-sense results ahead of political grandstanding.”

“Orange County needs more business friendly elected officials and we have one in Don Wagner,” said Supervisor Steel. “Don is a taxpayer champion. He has never voted for any tax increases during his time in the state legislature and stayed true to his commitment and pledge to voters.”

“Don has been a champion of Orange County’s priorities in Sacramento, fighting for limited government, public safety, fiscal responsibility, and economic growth,” said Board Chairman Todd Spitzer, whose Supervisorial District includes the majority of the 37th Senate District. “Not only has he fought for us in Sacramento, but locally, he has helped elect conservative candidates throughout Orange County.”

Each supervisor represents approximately 600,000 Orange County residents. They join a growing number of local elected officials, community and business leaders who support Wagner’s State Senate bid.

Moorlach Starts Getting Nasty
I checked out John Moorlach’s blog today. His most recent post is a shot at Don Wagner for attending the annual  Independent Voter Project (IVP) meeting/conference in Maui this year. The IVP, which is funded by an array of business and labor groups, generally pays for attendees travel, lodging and food.

The former county supervisor calls the annual conference “union-sponsored” – and by that logic Moorlach’s former Board of Supervisors colleague and ally was a “union-sponsored” Supervisor. Neither description is true or accurate.

Where the bile comes through is in this remark:

“I wonder if Wagner went to Hawaii last year to plan out the so-called independent attacks that are now raining down in the district.”

Wow. Without any evidence, Moorlach is basically accusing his opponent of breaking the law. It’s difficult to take the Moorlach campaigns complaints about the negative mail going out when the candidate is launching unsubstantiated charges of law-breaking against Wagner.




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  1. IVN thought this story needed some explaining as well, check out their response here


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