SD37 Update: Wagner and Moorlach Campaigns Tout GOP Endorsements

Two more mail pieces arrived at Casa Cunningham on Saturday: one from the Wagner campaign and one from the Moorlach campaign (our first voter contact from his campaign):

Moorlach mailer 2-28 a Moorlach mailer 2-28 b







Here is the Wagner piece:

Wagner mailer 2-28 a Wagner mailer 2-28 b






Both comparison pieces lead with endorsements from a Republican group and tout their respective conservative stances and credentials. Wagner’s mailer says he opposes Obama’s amnesty plan while claiming Moorlach supports amnesty for illegal immigrants. Moorlach’s mailer claims it is Wagner who supports Obama’s amnesty plan and claims he is the “public employee unions’ choice for Senate.”

Let’s take the dueling GOP endorsements for starters: the average voter could not tell you the difference between the California Republican Assembly and the Conservative Republicans of California.

As for the heated rhetoric about “supporting Obama’s amnesty plan” – the truth is neither man does. The reality is both Wagner and Moorlach have supported comprehensive immigration reform along the lines proposed by the Lincoln Club of Orange County and Sen. Marco Rubio (although Rubio has adjusted how he would approach implementation in the wake of Obama Administration’s bad faith machinations).

Here is Moorlach barely two years ago in the OC Register, when he was contemplating a gubernatorial run:

“We cannot support Republicans who continually target immigrants, who are members of our community, as scapegoats for their own political advantage,” said the statement by Robert Loewen, the Lincoln Club’s president.

Moorlach, who emigrated as a child with his parents from the Netherlands to Orange County, said it’s not time yet to discuss his views on issues such as immigration, as that would imply he’s made up his mind to run. However, he said, “I prefer some of the proposals that have been proffered by the Lincoln Club and Sen. Marco Rubio.”

Last year, the Lincoln Club adopted a policy statement on immigration reform that would allow undocumented immigrants to transition to guest-worker status and a pathway to legal residency, not citizenship.

I’m going out on a limb here and say that the Moorlach campaign blasting Wagner for merely calling fr a vote on immigration policies that Moorlach supports is an example of the pot calling the kettle black.

The Moorlach campaign’s attempt to paint Wagner of pro-union is ridiculous. Public safety unions have contributed to Wagner’s campaign. So what? Former Supervisor Chris Norby accepted contributions from public employee unions; by the Moorlach campaign’s yardstick that made Norby “the choice of public employee unions” – which was clearly not the case. The inordinate focus on whether a candidate has accepted contributions from public employees union has become an obsession, a mania, within Orange County Republican Party circles. Frankly, if a GOP candidate can takes their money and vote against them, good for him or her. They should be judged on their voting record, not their campaign reports.

More to the point, the Moorlach campaign spin misses the truth: public safety unions aren’t funding IEs in this race because they think Wagner is with them – he isn’t. They’re acting from a years-old, deep-seated, almost DNA-level hostility toward Moorlach.

Let me illustrate the point this way: when Moorlach first ran for the Board of Supervisors in 2006, the OCEA and the AOCDS spents hundreds of thousands of dollars on mail attacking Moorlach and supporting his opponent, Stanton Councilman Dave Shawver. The leadership of both unions knew Shawver could not beat Moorlach, but that didn’t really matter because the true purpose of all that campaign spending was to show their membership that their union leaders were fighting for them.

In the 37th Senate District election, Moorlach’s opponent could be Ronald Reagan – and the public safety unions’ behavior would be hitting Moorlach and donating to his his opponent.

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