SD37 Special Election Watch: IE Committee Hits Moorlach on County Pension

As noted in yesterday’s post, the California Homeowners Association IE committee has reported spending approximately $30,000 on two mailers hitting former Supervisor John Moorlach – one of which landed in SD37 mailboxes yesterday:

1st CHA hot on JM 11st CHA hit on JM 2









This is a predictable hit. From what I’ve heard regarding different polling surveys, Moorlach’s county pension is the hit that elicits the greatest negative response. I do not recall the details, but if memory serves it wasn’t a discrete vote on supervisor pensions but some larger federal requirement vis-a-vis pensions at work. But political campaigns are about telling vote the other guy/gal did this-or-that, not about why he/she did it. For example, the Moorlach campaign Facebook page claims Don Wagner’s candidacy is being financed by public employee unions – as if that is the primary source of his campaign funding, rather than a fraction of it. The intent of the claim being to mislead the reader into believing Wagner’s political agenda is in sync with public employee unions – which it is not.

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