SD37 Watch: Don Wagner’s Candidate Statement

Yesterday, we posted former Supervisor John Moorlach’s candidate statement. Following is the candidate statement of Assemblyman Don Wagner:

Business Owner/Assemblyman AGE: 54

As an Assemblyman since 2010, I’ve been a proven, principled conservative voice in Sacramento. That’s why I’m endorsed for State Senate by our conservative Congressman Ed Royce and Congresswoman Mimi Walters.

As Senator, I’ll strongly support a balanced budget, with no new taxes. I’ve fought to eliminate the $500 billion “wall of debt” that liberal politicians have created and plan to leave to our children. I signed the “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” to never vote to raise your taxes and am endorsed by the OCTaxpayers Association.

My fiscal credentials aren’t just talk. I have real experience balancing government budgets – as President of a local Community College District I balanced every budget and paid off all debts, without raising taxes. It can be done.

I oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants. I’ve been a leader in demanding that Washington secure our border and compensate California taxpayers for the enormous costs of illegal immigration. I’m on record strongly opposing President Obama’s actions to grant amnesty.

As a small business owner myself, I experienced how overregulation and over-taxation stifle business success and economic growth. That’s why I’ve worked to get government off the backs of business owners. And that’s why I’ve been endorsed by the California Small Business Association and the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

I’ve been leading the fight for conservative values in Sacramento, not just talking about them from afar. I pledge to use my experience and proven conservative record to keep up that fight for responsive, responsible, limited government.

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  1. was Wagner opposed to Reagan’s amnesty program in 1986? The only thing Mr. Wagner has accomplished in his time in the assembly has been Assembly Proclamations for all sorts of restaurants from donut shops to fine dining establishments because they made some publication’s “best of” list.

    As leading the fight for conservative values goes, it’s shouting into the Grand Canyon. I’d like to see examples of compromise Mr. Wagner might be proud of.

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