Worst Mailer Award: San Francisco-based PAC’s Mail Piece for Jose Moreno

Last week, PowerPAC.org Voter Fund did an independent expenditure for Jose Moreno, the left-wing, uber race-conscious academic running for Anaheim City Council. The funding come from the United Food and Commercial Workers union, at the behest – according to Democratic sources – of Tefere Gebre, the left-firebrand who is the Number 2 man in the AFL-CIO hierarchy.

This is easily the worst mailer of the season so far in Anaheim. Let’s start with the front:

PowerPac.org hero mailer_Page_1


Cheesy. Syrupy. Off-the-mark. Take your pick. Are there any Anaheim voters out there thinking to themselves, “Man, what this city really needs on the city council is a hero!“? Not safer streets and neighborhoods, civic improvements, keeping the Angels, economic growth.

As if that wasn’t enough of an indicator that this out-of-town committee and it’s consultant don’t understand Anaheim, there’s the mailer’s headline: “Anaheim City Needs a Hero…Not A Politician.”

Anaheim City? Really?

Either the consultant has never heard of Anaheim, or he/she is cranking out the same cookie-cutter mailer for candidates all over the country, dropped “Anaheim” into the headline after jamming one out for a candidate in Jersey City or Union City or Iowa City, and forgot to take out “City.” And no one in the production process knows there is no such place as “Anaheim City.”

Voters are skeptical to begin with, and this error will discount the mailer’s credibility for any who look it over: “This guy doesn’t even know what city we live in.”

PowerPac.org hero mailer_Page_2



The flip-side of the mailer is presumably where voters should learn what makes Moreno the “hero” they need on the Anaheim City City Council. Instead, they get Jose Moreno’s resume. Nothing on what he plans to do as a councilman, just a C.V.

We do learn that Moreno graduated from UWC Irvine. That must be the Irvine campus of the super-secret University of Western California. 

Again, these errors of ignorance tells me this is a cookie-cutter mailer by some consultant who is pounding out IE mailers for PowerPAC.org Voter Fund supported candidates in various regions. 

On the other hand, the consultant did make sure to highlight Moreno’s middle initial “F” at the top of the second page, meaning someone made sure the consultant knew there are two Jose Morenos on the ballot. Unfortunately, no one informed the consultant Moreno isn’t running to be the hero of the Anaheim City City Council. 


  1. Nice looking family – for a militant Communist.

  2. So the guy who sued the city to eliminate special interests in local elections and cost the taxpayers of Anaheim millions has one mailer that is solely funded by a left wing labor PAC. Look up hypocrite in the dictionary and see if Jose F. Moreno is listed in the definition somewhere. By any chance is he raising any money from the residents he claims to champion?

  3. It’s a superhero meme, like “Gotham City” or “Champion City.” I agree it’s silly, but are you guys really so dumb I have to explain that to you? Or are you just being faux dumb?

    Like Matt “Orange” Cunningham is going to educate Dr. Moreno on what his city is named.

    • It’s a superhero theme? Ooooh, now I see it! Gee, thanks, Vern. I don’t think anyone could have figured that out if you weren’t for you! We’re so lucky to have a really smart blogger like you around to explain things, what with you being so smart, and having so much campaign experience and running a real live blog and all.

      What would we do without you?

    • Seriously? Come on Vern, no one but you thinks that

      • Hmm… sounds like we got a huge disagreement here over this controversy. Matt says Dr Moreno or his backers REALLY thinks the town is called Anaheim City. Anaheimster is so smart that he thinks I didn’t need to explain things to Matt. And Jack thinks something TOTALLY different, who knows what? He may agree with Matt. We’d better settle this quick!

        • Matthew Cunningham

          Vern, what we have here are individuals with reading comprehension issues – namely, you – and those who understand what they read (that would be the rest of us).

          “Matt says Dr Moreno or his backers REALLY thinks the town is called Anaheim City.”

          Point out where I said that. You can’t, because I didn’t. Go back, read it slowly out loud to yourself, and you’ll probably be able figure out what is plainly written in front of you.

  4. If it was a Gotham montage then the kid should have worn a batman costume. This was a ridiculous mistake. What’s your excuse for UWC? Wishful thinking it was the university of the UCFW?

    • Sloppiness. On the part of an independent expenditure the Good Doctor had nothing to do with.

      Oooh, one wrong letter! Ouch!

      • Matthew Cunningham

        Sloppiness, Thy Name Is Vern Nelson.

        Try reading again, even more slowly this time. Where do I say Moreno had anything to do with this mailer? Quite the contrary – I point out at the beginning that it is an independent expenditure.

        And why are you so defensive about this slapdash mailer?

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