The Strange Journey of Brian Chuchua

chuchua leosElfin-visaged Brian Chuchua is a fixture at Anaheim City Council meetings and a member of a gadfly claque that spends its time and energy attacking the council majority and singing hosannas to Mayor Tom Tait. He’s one of two known members of CATER, which styles itself as a group of Anaheim taxpayers who support “economic responsibility.”

He is a Republican who has run for city council twice. In 2010 he got 4.7% of the vote, finishing 8th in a field of 14 candidates. Two years later, he garnered 7% and placed 7th in a field of 10 candidates. He was endorsed by the conservative Lincoln Club of Orange County both times, and by the Republican Party of Orange County in 2012. 

In a short span of time, though, Chuchua has migrated concretely to the political Left. One sees the early stages in Chuchua’s staunch support in 2012 of John Leos, the Orange County Employees Association activist on whom the OCEA lavished hundreds of thousands of dollars in independent expenditure support. Leos also opposed Proposition 32, the conservative paycheck protection initiative that would have required unions to obtain members permission to use dues for political purposes.

Chuchua has announced his support for a gate tax to be levied on the Disneyland Resort, the Honda Center and Angel Stadium (at least for starters).

Although he is (presumably) still a Republican, Chuchua isn’t supporting the energetic, mold-breaking Republican nominee in the 65th Assembly District. Instead, he is helping the Democratic incumbent, Sharon Quirk-Silva – who supports Proposition 30 to increase the state sales tax and voted to abolish the Anaheim Enterprise Zone). Here’s Chuchua, sporting his trademark yellow-tinted shades, in a Quirk-Silva campaign TV commercial now being aired:

Chuchua Quirk-Silva TV ad

Chuchua is also one of the new faces that joined Anaheim Republican Assembly as part of the Tait campaign’s takeover drill. Will ARA’s new executive vice president, Cynthia Ward, revoked his membership for materially aiding a Democratic incumbent against the GOP candidate in a targeted race? Don’t hold your breath.

As one of only two public members of CATER (and the rumored source of funding for its litigation against Angels negotiations and the Anaheim Convention Center expansion) and as a businessman, one would think Chuchua would restrict his political support to candidates who support pro-business candidates. After all, CATER supposedly supports economic responsibility.

Instead, Chuchua is enthusiastically supporting Jose F. Moreno, the left-wing council candidate with radical, anti-free market views. Chuchua was the very first donor to the Moreno campaign, giving the maximum $1,900 and was front-and-center at Moreno’s backyard campaign kick-off:

chuchua at moreno kickoff

This is part and parcel of how claims by Ward, Chuchua and others in their claque to be the “real” conservatives and the true guardians of limited government lack credibility. It’s hard to discern any coherent, considered philosophy. What we get instead are ad hoc stances shaped to rationalize their political position du jour.


  1. Really makes you wonder when OCGOP is going to, decisively and directly, put an end to these scams/ frauds. I have faith in fearless leader, but the party should protect young activists from this sort of thing. I’m willing to learn the hard way, but most just opt to disengange. Truly, a cancer in, or barnacle on, the Republican Party.

  2. I think this political transformation happens when one associates to often with people or groups that they would never have agreed with in the past.

    They become indoctrinated with all the political propaganda. I read before about Mr jeep’s( I voted for his 2012 endorsement at the OCGOP) campaign pledge to liberal Jose F Moreno but his support of Quick-silva is terrible. I’m now very concerned about the political path that few of my political friends are heading in Anaheim.

    Sure, crony capitalism(a cancer too) is a problem but as long as they are Republican on the council there is seemingly less in the pigs through but if Democrats take over, I can’t afford living in an environment that has absolutely no limits on taxing, spending and borrowing.

    We need to rethink this social/political experiment that involves alliances that help bring more government into our lives. No Bueno!

  3. The kind of people a candidate attracts says a lot about the candidate. Look at who Tait attracts: malicious crazies like Cynthia Ward, pompous asses like Greg Diamond, drones like Brian Chuchua, gang-banger enablers like Donna Acevedo and that crew, fanatics like Vern Nelson and Ryan Cantor. Like attracts like.

  4. Fun fact: Young Kim’s Facebook page just posted some pictures of the candidate sitting with Chuchua and the other Tait CRA/ARA drones. I mean, that is odd right? Seriously, what is wrong with this town? We can’t even do corruption right!!!

  5. Reblogged this on Sterling's Court and commented:
    Fun fact: Young Kim’s Facebook page just posted some pictures of the candidate sitting with Chuchua and the other Tait CRA/ARA drones. I mean, that is odd right? Seriously, what is wrong with this Anaheim? We can’t even do corruption right!!!

  6. Brian is now running for Orange Unified School District Board #6, in Anaheim Hills. I, as president of Anaheim Republican Assembly, support him, the Charter School organization supports him as will many others. We need to remove the incumbent in this district and Brian can do the job. Finding who can best fit where is our goal and trading a better fit than the present office holders is not a sin. We have had many battles on Homelessness, Crime, Shop classes being returned to the high schools, etc. Where have you been sir? Easy to complain and throw rocks, harder to actually help decent candidates WIN. I think you must be a democrat plant.

    • Mr. Walters:

      I assume your comment is addressed to me.

      Area 6 isn’t on the ballot until 2020. Can you explain what Brenda Lebsack has done to merit defeat, let alone replacement by Brian Chuchua?

      Nothing against Brian personally, but he is all over the map politically. I honestly don’t know if he has a political compass. And you bring up charter schools – where was he – or any of the rest of that crew – when the Palm Lane parents were fighting for charter status? I’ll tell you – totally AWOL.

      I have been active in the school choice movement for nearly a quarter of a century. I have been active in advocating to re-claim our public spaces from homeless encampments. And unlike you, I haven’t campaigned to put a segregationist in the White House.

      And since you note that you’re president of the ARA, perhaps you can explain why you used the club resources and name to give a democratic socialist like Jose F. Moreno a public platform?

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