Jason Young’s Glass House

Hmmm. Whose character shall I assassinate today?

Anaheim gadfly blogger Jason Young is very perturbed about what he sees as a “pay to play” culture in Anaheim politics, anxious that elected officials and candidates will have their votes unduly influenced by campaign contributions.

Is this because Mr. Young is aware that 60% of council candidate John Leos’ campaign contributions have come from government unions, and that the union representing Anaheim city employees has dumped an initial $50,000 into a committee dedicated to electing Leos to council (and the OCEA independent expenditure committee has spent another $12,428 buying slates for Leos) — and Mr. Young is simply alarmed Leos’ will be swayed by that support when the OCEA/AMEA contract is up for negotiation in little more than a year?

Of course not.

Mr. Young has a glaring blindspot for government unions on his SaveAnaheim.com blog. [By the way, the left-wing OC Weekly recently named it Orange County’s “best blog” — an honor the Weekly bestows on blogs that are nasty and vicious toward people and entities the Weekly dislikes.]

Young believes that because businesses have contributed to Anaheim school trustee and council candidate Jordan Brandman in support of his pro-business philosophy, then that is prima facie proof of “pay-to-play.” Young, of course, has no evidence other than speculation based on the logical fallacy of post hoc, ergo propter hoc (“after this, therefore because of this”).

For Young’s claim to have any credence, one would have to suppose Brandman would have voted differently in the absence of those campaign contributions. Based on Brandman’s record and articulated philosophy, there is no reason — none — to think she would have voted any differently.  Young’s accusations are just a cheap smear.

Young’s accusations of wrongdoing also lack credibility because the accuser lacks credibility — especially when it comes to alleging wrong doing.

As Anaheim Blog has previously reported, in 2004 Young was convicted of burglary, fraudulent use of an access card and identity theft (one wonders if the OC Weekly staff was aware of these when bestowing the “Best Blog” award; then again, it probably wouldn’t bother them).

Here is the record.

Yes, that’s right: blogger Jason Young, who pled guilty in a court of law to these offenses, is questioning the character and integrity of an elected official he dislikes based on illogical, unsubstantiated speculation.

But since Mr. Young has opened the door, let’s take a look on his side of the doorway. Mr. Young is a wedding videographer. He apparently lives above the Ruby’s Diner on Lincoln Avenue in west Anaheim. In a three-day period in August, he wrote campaign contribution checks for nearly $3,000 — giving $1,800 to John Leos on August 17, and putting $1,000 into his own little Save Anaheim PAC on August 20 (all told, Young has put $1,534.62 into Save Anaheim PAC). That’s a lot of money for even affluent activists to donate, especially in just three days for someone with no discernible history of donating to campaigns.

It’s not unprecedented for money to make its way into campaign coffers through cut-outs, in order to mask the identity of the real donor. Not that that is the case here.


  1. So who is paying for this blog, Matthew? Or would you have us believe that you’ve just suddenly taken an interest in making sure us poor benighted Anaheim citizens have the benefit of your thoughts on our affairs?

    • Matthew Cunningham

      It’s finally dawned on me who “Biff” really is. So much for the “truth-teller.”

      • Huh? I wouldn’t quit your day job as a political grifter and run off to become a consulting detective quite yet. Outside of the comment section of various Orange County blogs, you and I have never met.

        (Not going to tell us who your sponsors are? I still can’t believe that you’re giving away all of these pearls of wisdom for free …)

      • Biff is Cynthia Ward…HELLO!!?!?!?

  2. Matt, while you and I both had assumed i was the only Anaheim resident reading this rag, apparently there are TWO whole Anaheim readers here. Wow, your readership DOUBLED. Good job. Now you can ask your handlers for a bonus.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      Sure, Cynthia, because we all know you never comment under different names.

      • Actually, no, I do not use alternative names to comment, anywhere. I have used CW, Colony Rabble, and Cynthia Ward. Occasionally WordPress has been on and grabs my ThinkOC ID if I just updated my site. I have the testicular fortitude to own anything I put in writing. Every time. (sometimes with regret but I own it.)

        I will put up a $500 donation to the candidate of your choice if you can find me using a pen name other than those I just listed, all which are linked to my common use.

        As far as your attack on Jason, you are using half-truth to turn a retail purchase with a former romantic partner (gee, those never go sideways and end up in the courts) to not only attack a private individual for exercising his Constitutional rights to discuss candidates and public figures, you posted the link to his place of business, and revealed his home residence. So your own glass house of professional integrity could use some Windex and a squeegee.

        Jason did not do jail time, so much for your investigative reporting. As far as him being an identity thief, I have no fear of him having my banking info, he got it from shooting my daughter’s wedding,which is how a neighborhood acquaintance became a friend, and I can tell you that A) I feel safe, B) i would use him again in a second, and C) knowing what we spent I understand how he can afford to do these IEs! (Gulp. But again, worth every nickel.) Matt, your brilliant “research” answered your own challenges. I wonder, how does a self-employed artistic genius living in a small (but beautiful) rental with low overhead as part of a two income no kids couple have disposable income? Jason has money of his own and he uses it to engage in the political process, sharing information he feels presents a compelling reason to not vote for candidates connected to your interests. If your clients don’t like that they can dispute the facts he presents, but attacking the messenger when he has said nothing untrue lacks any level of professional ethics.

        Not only is Jason factual, if you take out the interpretation, Jason’s website is nearly a mirror of Jordan’s own promo pieces! As Jason reported, Jordan Brandman did support the Gardenwalk deal, he supported deferring developer fees, and he maintains friendships with the same Pringle/Resort crowd I suspect are paying you. The argument Jason makes is that those are bad things, where Jordan (and apparently YOU) say they are positives. But Jason has done nothing to merit the twisted-half-truths dipped in venom you have unleashed. The bloggers in our area wanted to simply ignore you hoping you would go away, but at some point your type of pit bull politics needs to be called out.

        Perhaps because you take on projects that are indefensible you have learned simply to attack the other side. Are you really that desperate for work? Or are you trading keyboard-labor for that cushy office space at Curt Pringle and Associates?

        Again, brilliant investigative journalism, you degraded the name of a good man with half truth and innuendo, getting most of the story wrong, and you cannot even discern who is brow beating you online. But stick to your guns, I am sure I will be the next focus of one of your “eye opening” reports.

        Figure it out, Matt, you are being used, and when they figure out how ineffective you are you will be discarded.

        • And I looked at the court document, and it clearly states that he was sentenced to serve 120 days as part of his agreement to ultimately have the charges reduced.

        • First, for everyone and anyone reading this, Cynthia Ward does not represent your typical Anaheim resident or even activist. The rest of us don’t run around all the time wth our hair on fire acting as if the world is ending UNLESS WE DO SOMETHING RIGHT NOW!!!

          Second of all, Cynthia, this isn’t enjoyable to say but you are being hypocritical. You’re upset Matt posted where this Jason Young lives/works, but as far as I’ve been able to tell that is all public information easily found. And at the same time you’re saying where Matt apparently works. You’re doing what you’re blasting Matt for.

          Th court record speaks for itself. Maybe you should read it again. Seems like some pretty stiff punishment for what you brush off as nothing.

          As Matt has pointed out, Jason essentially accused Jordan Brandman of being on the take. He accuses Kris Murray and Gail Eastman of selling their votes, and of being Curt Pringle’s puppets, and other things. Those aren’t facts. They’re just his opinions, and from what I’ve seen on his blog he can’t back them up with anything other than innuendo and inference. And none of us ever see you flying off the handle at Jason.

          Or do you think that is true? If so, do you have any evidence? if not, you are no better than what you claim Matt to be.

          You have your issues and your candidates you’re backing and that’s your right as an American. But what has gotten really old is your acting is if you are the conscience of Anaheim and some objective judge of the truth.

        • Matthew Cunningham

          Cynthia, you are a piece of work. And it’s very difficult to take your truth-teller posing seriously. Here’s what you wrote about me a few days ago:

          “Tony has also raised the bar for bloggers themselves, he holds other websites accountable, going after keyboards for hire like Cunningham who claim to advocate for small government while taking paychecks to promote any bloated, wasteful tax spending program that will hire him.”

          FYI, that is a gross misrepresentation. No, I will go further: it is untrue. What are all these “bloated, wasteful tax spending programs” I have, do and will work for? Or does Cynthia Ward have a license to invent things for the purpose of attacking adversaries?

          If you’re talking about my consulting work for the Children and Families Commission of OC, then your lurid descriptions are wrong. It sounds like you bought into the load of hooey Bushala was shoveling on his blog, misrepresenting my work and what I was being paid. What your friend was trying to do (albeit unsuccessfully) was to make it impossible for me to make a living. He said as much to a mutual acquaintance. And he did it by taking “facts” and blending them into lies and half-truths. But apparently that is OK with you, given your great admiration for him.

          When you actually walk your own talk, I will give your criticisms their due attention, Cynthia.

        • “But stick to your guns, I am sure I will be the next focus of one of your “eye opening” reports.”

          LOL. Self-absorbed much?

  3. You *have* been trotting her out for a while, and she hates me so much that we still regularly speak—you can’t say the same. Also? She never told me to stop contacting her son. Spin exposed as laughable nothingness again.

  4. Cynthia, you have become a very tiresome person. You’re fickle and volatile and not the only one who cares about Anaheim. I’m not the only one who steers clear of you not because you tend to go on these jihads and make it personal.

  5. “Leander” it certainly does not hurt my feelings that someone using a screen name avoids me, but I did not ever say that i am the only one who cares about Anaheim. There are a lot of people who are passionate about our town, on both sides. My issue with Matt is that rather than deal with the issues, he drags out any mud he can find on people’s personal lives.

    I can be abrasive as Hell, I know it, but my arguments are always based on what is happening in official offices, and yes, I do often tie that information to not-so-pure intentions from those working in those offices. I figure a stupid decision from a leader is forgivable I am not going to dog pile on someone who thinks they did the right thing. My posts are reserved for those I believe are using their positions of trust to milk us for money, power, or position, generally giving it to their friends and business buddies. Yeah, it pisses me off and I do find it personal, when they misspend our money there is less for things we as a community have repeatedly requested, like road repair and graffiti removal. But time and time again we lack the funding, not because there isn’t plenty coming in, (thank you Resort) but because it has been siphoned off to someone’s pet project, run by someone’s brother in law or campaign donor.

    I worked my butt off to remain as neutral as possible in the battle between Jason and Jordan, at least until Matt jumped in with his “paid to care about Anaheim” campaign. Jason actually asks if what he is saying is true, he asks for fact-checks, he shifted from an early campaign of royal pissing match to what i think is a reasoned attempt to reveal facts he thinks are relevant to the campaign.

    Despite what people think of him I still think Jordan does what he does in the belief it is the right thing to do, when others think he is sold out. I am probably stupid to believe in him, but there you have it. While Jason and I do not agree on Jordan’s motives, as long as what Jason says is factually correct (and it has been) I will defend to the death his right to say it, that is what American free speech is founded on. But nobody has posted messages to Jordan’s work website, trying to harm his reputation with his professional clients, nobody has gone digging for embarrassing personal info from his young and stupid years.

    There is nothing wrong in my asking for us to stick to official business and leave private lives private. There is enough out there to discuss without following people home electronically. There used to be things that were off limits, Matt seems unable to fathom that, so what is next? If this is defensible, are our marriages and homes and children and pets fair game too? Sorry if that is tiresome. I just find it disgusting.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      “My issue with Matt is that rather than deal with the issues, he drags out any mud he can find on people’s personal lives.”

      Are you for real? In your first comment on this blog, you go after me, not any issue.

      On the other hand, this blog has dealt with issues, which you have ignored. For example, Jason Young’s ongoing maligning of other people’s character and integrity, which you let slide.

      Over the years, I have had bloggers and activists, anonymous and not, come after me, after my wife, say horrible things about my children. I have had people try to harm my ability to earn a living, I have learned a lot about who my friends are, and aren’t. I have no intention or desire go into the private lives of others. Have I ever done so with your friend Bushala, despite his malicious attacks? Or you, with your lashing out? Maybe you should reserve some of your ire for Mr. Young and lecture him on the not turning policy disagreements into character attacks — something he is unable to do.

  6. Here is Cynthia in all her glory, and it is good to see her called out. (And no, Cynthia, this is not my real name. I have no desire to be the target of your “abrasiveness” as you so mildly put it).

    Cynthia Ward is very free with accusing this official or that person of being a puppet or rewarding donors, on the basis of her active imagination. So reading her here reading someone the riot act for posting an actual court document and other facts, is just laughable.

    Try setting an example of the behavior you want from others, Cynthia.

  7. Oh goodness, you mean the kind of people who read Matt Cunningham’s blog do not like me? I am shocked, positively shocked I tell you. This is especially distressing since I am so desperate for companionship that I am forced to come here specifically to make friends with people who do not use their real names.

    Ya know, as a kid my Mom used to remind me, it’s not all about me. She was RIGHT. I am not running for office, I am not entered in a popularity contest, I am not even asking y’all to friend me on facebook. So forget about me, and focus on the standard that is being set.

    Ask yourself, is this the future of blogging? Are we really OK with personal information being used against non-public figures? Because what Jason is doing is sharing his views on candidates for office. Others of us labeled “aggressive” are focused on office holders whose decisions seem hinky, and when those decisions do not make sense on the surface we go looking for some reason for that odd choice…those are legitimate uses of a medium for “citizen journalists”.

    In contrast, Matt is using personal information to publicly humiliate a private citizen in retaliation for not agreeing with him. Going after Jason Young serves no purpose whatsoever to the average voter (who will in all likelihood read neither Matt’s blog, not Jason’s) How does outing Jason for a past mistake (a big one, but long past) assist the public? He does not seem to have a pattern of this behavior, nobody is saying “look out for Jason, he is a bad guy who will rip you off”.. no the ONLY motive for sharing this info is to shut him up.

    And this is OK? or is it OK because you do not like what Jason has to say, therefore you reserve the right to shame him into not saying it?

    If Jason was supporting the candidate of your choice, if he used his blog and his money to enlighten voters about the finer points of your enemies, would your reaction be the same?

    I do not always agree with Jason, and I positively hated what he was doing with the original site that was focused solely on Jordan. (He has mellowed considerably and turned the blog into a viable source for information) But as an American I will defend his right to critique candidates for office, and he should be able to do it without fear of public retaliation. He is not a candidate for office nor is he a consultant, lobbyist, or staffer collecting public money, and his personal life should be personal.

    It is also quite clear that I am not getting anywhere here so I will return to ignoring what happens on this site, I let myself get wadded up over yet another attack, and I am done with it. So I guess I will miss out on the convivial non-friendships not offered here. Good night.

    • Matthew Cunningham


      Jason has been publicly and regularly, on his blog, accusing Jordan Brandman, Kris Murray and others of being unethical, corrupt and voter-sellers — and has done so with no evidence and lots of fallacious reasoning. He started a political action committee and has purchased newspaper ads making those attacks.

      He has made himself a public participant in the election. I called into question his authority as a judge of the character and integrity of others. And I pointed to something that really happened, not actions and motivations I merely have suspicion of.

      And you have an absolute conniption about it. I might take your hand-wringing and table-thumping about “where will it all end” more seriously if it weren’t for the fact that not only are you very choosy in your outrage, but you are guilty of what you condemn. You yourself have written comments making untrue accusations about me. Gustavo Arellano publishes lies about me, completely misrepresenting past events involvng me, and you don’t bat an eyelash (maybe you just assume everything that sorry excuse for a reporter writes is true) and join him in the pile-on — but you come unglued when I point out something that actually happened, and is a public record.

      You might want to direct some of your ire at Gustavo Arellano. Due to his inability to control his emotions, he has drawn significantly more attention to this issue than would otherwise be the case.

  8. It just keeps getting better, not only is Cynthia Ward blogging in support of union candidates, she is now partnering up with a convicted felon on the blogs. Perfect. Soon she may be registering dead people to vote.

  9. [Deleted due to being a paranoid lie from a serial prevaricator.]

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