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Kris Murray: Democracy Tabled In Anaheim

From Anaheim Councilwoman Kris Murray: Democracy Tabled In Anaheim We need more transparency, not less. At last night’s Anaheim City Council meeting, I attempted to bring debate on additional transparency measures aimed at conducting the people’s business with greater sunshine. Sadly, that debate never occurred. I offered amendments to strengthen an open government proposal by Council Member Jose Moreno. These ...

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Councilwoman Kris Murray’s Transparency Measures for Boards and Commissions Approved

This came over the transom from Anaheim Councilwoman Kris Murray: In a big win for residents and open government, the Anaheim City Council on Tuesday voted unanimously to enhance transparency and expand public access for all city council-authorized boards, commissions and task forces. I called for this important change in our transparency measures when the mayor’s Welcoming Anaheim Task Force ...

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Will Moreno/Tait “Welcoming Anaheim” Also Be Transparent Anaheim?

One of the items on this evening’s city council agenda concerns the Welcoming Anaheim task force cooked up by Councilman Jose F. Moreno and Mayor Tom Tait. The council has already approved its formation, although Councilmembers Kris Murray and Lucille Kring abstained and Councilwoman Denise Barnes voted no amidst concerns over the deliberate vagueness of the proposal in the context ...

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CATER Still Not Complying With Federally-Mandated Disclosure Rules

Anaheim Insider here. Remember last August when it came out that CATER, the gaggle of gadflies who file nitpicky lawsuits whenever they think the city hasn’t dotted an “i” or crossed a “t”, had blown off their legal requirements to file annual disclosures with the IRS?  Click here and here to refresh your memory. Cynthia Ward and Greg Diamond responded by ...

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