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Judge Allows Riverbed Homeless Camp Eviction To Proceed, Requires County to Provide Motel Vouchers, More Shelter Beds

The County of Orange has received the OK from a federal district judge to proceed with removing the sprawling homeless encampment on the Santa Ana River Trail. The judicial go-ahead came with the requirement that transitional housing – such as 30-day motel vouchers and Tuff Shed-type tiny houses on municipal property – be provided as an option to the homeless people ...

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Needle Count: 4,065 Needles, 115 Tons of Debris Cleaned From SART Homeless Camp

The County of Orange has released the latest statistics from its ongoing effort to clean-up and clear-out the sprawling homeless encampment along the Santa Ana River Trail. Between January 22 and February 9: Over 115 tons of debris have been removed from the project area, Approximately 4,065 needles have been collected, and 27 individuals have been transitioned to a shelter (14 to the Courtyard, 2 to Bridges at Kraemer Place, 1 to ...

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Homeless Advocates File Another Lawsuit, Claiming Clearing of Riverbed Encampment Discriminates Against The Disabled

The progressive Left’s litigation counter-attack on the effort to clear the sprawling Santa Ana River Trail homeless encampment continues: today a small-but-vocal group of homeless advocates filed a federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) lawsuit claiming the multi-jurisdictional enforcement-and-relocation program discriminates against SART homeless camp denizens who have disabilities – which the lawsuit claims is most of them. The People’s ...

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Judge Carter Halts Clearing of SART Homeless Camp At Request of Left-Wing Attorney From Santa Monica

Last night, federal district Judge David O. Carter granted a request for a temporary injunction halting the velvet-gloved clearing of the Santa Ana River Trail encampment being conducted by the County of Orange, in coordination with Anaheim and Orange. The injunction was requested by Carol Sobel, a leftist trial attorney from Santa Monica who makes a handsome living suing public agencies. ...

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Homeless Advocates Urging Encampment Residents To Re-Locate Upriver Near Kraemer/Glassell Bridge

Several homeless advocates are trying to organize a mass migration of SART homeless encampment residents upriver to the section of the river trail north of Lincoln Avenue and extending past the Kraemer/Glassell bridge – a stretch directly adjacent to hundreds of homes. Advocates Matthew Skags and Curtis Gamble have been posting their plans on Facebook. Gamble even posted a video ...

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