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Worst Mailer Award: San Francisco-based PAC’s Mail Piece for Jose Moreno

Last week, PowerPAC.org Voter Fund did an independent expenditure for Jose Moreno, the left-wing, uber race-conscious academic running for Anaheim City Council. The funding come from the United Food and Commercial Workers union, at the behest – according to Democratic sources – of Tefere Gebre, the left-firebrand who is the Number 2 man in the AFL-CIO hierarchy. This is easily ...

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More Money From San Francisco Promoting Council Districts for Anaheim

PowerPac.org Voter Fund, a progressive political advocacy group based in San Francisco, has donated another $5,000 to the Yes on Measure L campaign, which seeks to replace the current at-large system for electing the city council with a by-district system. Currently, each Anaheim voter is represented by the mayor and four council members who are accountable to them. If Measure ...

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No Transparency From The San Francisco PAC Funding The Measure L Campaign

Last week I called PowerPac.org, the progressive “issues advocacy” group from San Francisco that has provided nearly half the funding ($45,000) for the Yes on Measure L campaign. I was hoping to connect with a spokesperson who could explain why PowerPac.org was so interested in changing how Anaheim elects its city council, and where the $45,000 came from. The person ...

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Why Does A Liberal San Francisco Group Want By-District Council Elections In Anaheim?

As I reported last week, of the $101,100 reported by the campaign to convince Anaheim voters to adopt by-district council districts, not a penny comes from Anaheim. 93% of the “Committee for District Elections” funding is “dark money” – meaning its true sources are undisclosed. Half of that is from a liberal issues advocacy group from San Francisco – PowerPac.org. ...

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Dark Money and San Francisco Bay Area Dollars Sole Financial Support for By-District Elections Campaign

Take a gander at the campaign finance report filed by the campaign to carve Anaheim into single-member council districts. Two things jump out beside the $101,100 in contributions: 93% of that total is the “dark money” hated by the progressives running this campaign  and not a penny of it comes from Anaheim – most is from Northern California. The biggest ...

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