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TheLiberalOC.com Interviews Councilwoman Kris Murray

  Over at TheLiberalOC.com, Dan Chmielewski posted this interview with Anaheim Councilwoman Kris Murray. Dan and I see eye-to-eye on very little in terms of politics, but we’ve become friends over the years and are able to debate issues with mutual respect – unlike the Orcs of the OC blogosphere who view disagreement as a call to destroy. In any ...

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Kris Murray Calls For Citizen Committee To Oversee Angels Talks

From the OC Register: Councilwoman Calls for Citizen Oversight on Stadium Negotiations ANAHEIM – Councilwoman Kris Murray said she will call Tuesday for the creation of a citizen task force to help renegotiate a stadium lease aimed at keeping the Angels in Anaheim through 2057. Murray and three other City Council members voted last month to delay the baseball team’s ...

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Local OC Blogger Gets It On Angels Negotiations

While the Chicken Little brigade runs around with their collective hair on fire about the Anaheim City Council’s approval of the MOUs outlining the Angels negotiation framework and extending the Angels’ opt-out date, clearer heads with eyes for the bigger picture understand this is a pathway to a win-win for all involved. My friend Dan Chmielewski over at TheLIberalOC.com is ...

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Angels Negotiations: Anaheim Citizens Better Served By Reporting That Informs Rather Than Inflames

Reading the media coverage of the MOUs regarding the Angels lease negotiations (not to mention the over-the-top reactions from certain gadflies), I am struck by the amount of misleading and false information. The Name Change Scare Take the Voice of OC, for example. It’s article initially bore the inflammatory headline, “Angels May Drop Anaheim from Team Name.” Where did that ...

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Mayor to OCBC: Willing To Let The Angels Leave Anaheim

Word has been spreading in OC political circles about comments Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait made a couple of weeks ago at a meeting with the Orange County Business Council’s executive board. One subject that came up was negotiations with Angels. The opt-out for the Angels is in 2017, and the team would have to tell the city by 2016 if ...

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