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Moreno to Anaheim Residents: Parks Are For The Homeless, Too

During council discussion following a staff update in homeless issues in Anaheim, District 3 Councilman Jose F. Moreno felt it necessary to “remind” Anaheim residents that the homeless have just as much right to use the parks, and warned they shouldn’t be alarmed by homeless people loitering in city parks: So parents, next time to bring your kids to the ...

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Council Acts To Prevent Nuisance Re-Hearings Of Failed Agenda Items

The Anaheim City Council voted to amend its rules for councilmembers to place items on the council agenda for consideration, in a move prompted by Councilmember Jose F. Moreno repeatedly re-agendizing items after the council had voted them down. In order place an item on the council agenda, a councilmember needs to assent of two other councilmembers. The purpose is ...

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Council Gadfly Mike Robbins Caught Distributing Anonymous Hits Against Councilman Faessel

During the past several years, Mike and Jeannine Robbins have become fixtures at Anaheim City Council meetings – part of a group of gadflies whose lives revolve around pontificating during public comments and heckling people with different political views. The Robbins seem to view themselves as compassionate people whose activism is fueled by a concern for their fellow human beings ...

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Sharon Quirk-Silva And The Sudden Urgency Of Mobile Home Rent Control

Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva spoke at last week’s Anaheim City Council meeting and urged them to adopt Councilman Jose F. Moreno third attempt to impose rent control on Anaheim mobile home parks. “It is our moral imperative to address this housing crisis as a crisis. And when we are in a crisis, like the fires we see, we run towards that. ...

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AUSHD Superintendent Matsuda Using District Funds For Anti-Charter School Political Conference

Why is the Anaheim Union High School District Board of Trustees paying $1,800 for Superintendent Mike Matsuda to go to Philadelphia to participate in a conference whose purpose is organizing political opposition to charter schools? At its October 10, 2019 meeting the AUHSD Board of Trustees unanimously approved up spending up to $1,800 for Superintendent Matsuda to travel to the ...

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The Moreno Hypocrisy Show, Episode 75

Twice a month, Anaheim residents are treated to a one-man show of virtue-signalling, political gamesmanship and hypocrisy, courtesy by Councilman Jose F. Moreno. Last week was no exception. Take just one example: his sermon during council comments at the end of the meeting.  Moreno singled out representatives of the building and mobile home industries who spoke in opposition to his ...

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November 8: “Anaheim Confidential” Dinner & Murder Mystery Fundraiser Benefitting Cops4Kids

From the Anaheim Police Department: In 2015, the Anaheim Police Department responded to a 911 call resulting in the tragic discovery of a murdered woman and her child. Investigators launched a homicide investigation and manhunt across Orange County for a suspect desperate to escape. Join the lead investigators from the APD Homicide Detail as they tell the true story of ...

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Moreno’s Campaign Finance First Principles: Rules For Thee, But Not For Me

(Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

City Councilmember Jose Moreno clearly believes his own bluster that he is Anaheim’s self-appointed “man of the people.” But more often than not, his self-styled populism is really little more than a bow tied around an extreme left-wing ideology or just simply crass and selfish political gamesmanship. This week’s City Council Meeting provides a great example of when Moreno’s thirst ...

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Anaheim Police Hosting Bike Safety Event On November 9

From the Anaheim Police Department: Help us reduce bike theft by registering your bike! This FREE service helps us contact the owners of stolen bikes that we recover. Bring your bicycle and join us for the: • Bike Rodeo • Bicycle Safety Information • APD Motor Officer Exhibition • Anaheim Fire & Rescue Helmet Giveaway • Raffles (Including a Bicycle!) ...

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