Michael Matsuda

AUSHD’s $398 Million School Bond Campaign Revving Up

The campaign to convince Anaheim Union School District voters to approve a $398 million school bond on the March 2020 ballot is revving up, as proponents opened up a campaign committee, “AUHSD Citizens for Quality Schools,” on October 25. The committee treasurers are Tammi McIntyre and Joanna Barcelona, who provide treasurer services for many progressive Democrat candidates in Orange County. ...

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AUSHD Negotiates Behind The Scenes For OC Labor Federation To Train Parents in “Civic Engagement”

The Anaheim Union High School District has signed an unusual memorandum of understanding with the Orange County Labor Federation (OCLF) under which AUHSD parents are put through 10-week “civic engagement” training program run by the OCLF through the end of June, 2020. “Civic engagement” is the innocuous buzzword-of-choice for officially-sponsored political activism, and is all the rage in politicized school ...

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AUSHD Superintendent Matsuda Using District Funds For Anti-Charter School Political Conference

Why is the Anaheim Union High School District Board of Trustees paying $1,800 for Superintendent Mike Matsuda to go to Philadelphia to participate in a conference whose purpose is organizing political opposition to charter schools? At its October 10, 2019 meeting the AUHSD Board of Trustees unanimously approved up spending up to $1,800 for Superintendent Matsuda to travel to the ...

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UPDATED: Why Is AUHSD Superintendent Involved In Santa Ana School Board Campaign?

Why is Anaheim Union High School District Superintendent Mike Matsuda involving himself in a school board candidate campaign in neighboring Santa Ana Unified School District? Yesterday, Matsuda posted this on his Facebook page: Earlier, Santa Ana SJW Ben Vazquez touted the campaign endorsement by Matsuda – who also pledged his financial support for Torres: Carolyn Torres is running in the ...

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AUSHD Is Ground Zero For Pushing Politicized Ethnic Studies Curriculum

We posted earlier today about the alarming draft Ethnic Studies curriculum being considered by the state as a model for local public schools to use. Readers can review the model curriculum here. It becomes quickly apparent to primary thrust of this curriculum is to inculcate students with a particular and radical political world view. The authors of this curriculum even ...

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AUHSD: Matsuda Mixing Partisan Politics With Superintendent’s Office

Is it appropriate for school superintendent to publicly associate himself and the district he runs with partisan politics? It doesn’t appear that question crossed the mind of Anaheim Union High School District Superintendent Michael Matsuda, who was the headline speaker at the June 1 meeting of the Anaheim Democratic Club: School superintendents generally steer clear of partisan politics, and are ...

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