James Vanderbilt

Transparency Takes A Beating From Tait Council Majority


Transparency took a beating from the Tait council majority this Tuesday by voting down an attempt by Councilwoman Kris Murray to apply full public transparency to the Moreno/Tait “Welcoming Anaheim” immigration mayoral task force. Mayor Tait then took it a step further by agendizing for the next council meeting a repeal of the December 20 council resolution authorizing the Welcoming ...

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UPDATED: Councilman Vanderbilt Proposal To Reduce Council-Approval Spending Threshold Raises Questions


Last month, Councilman James Vanderbilt asked staff to bring back an agenda item “to empower council to approve all expenditures” of more than $50,000. Currently, the city manager can approve contracts for $100,000 or less; council approval is required for any expenditure of more than $100,000. All contracts valued at $20,000 or more are posted on the Transparency section of the ...

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Vanderbilt’s Election Lawyer Now Working On CATER’s Lawsuit Against Angels Negotiations

Chad Morgan

Anaheim Insider here. Earlier this month, Superior Court Judge James Di Cesare smacked down the CATER lawsuit against September 2013 council approval of the now-defunct negotiations MOU with the Angels. His ruling dressed down CATER lawyer and blogger Greg Diamond but gave him one more chance to get it right (most likely to bullet-proof his ruling against being overturned on ...

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Measure L-Created Wrinkles for the 2016 City Council Election


A friend alerted me that missing from yesterday’s post on implementing Measure L was a discussion of how many council seats will be on the ballot in 2016. The answer is: four. Councilmembers Lucille Kring and Jordan Brandman will be running for re-election in yet-to-be drawn council districts, and two new, open seats will be on the ballot. According to ...

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Some Thoughts On The Council Election Results

Murray web

What to make of Tuesday’s election? Mayor Tom Tait was elected to a second term, Mayor Pro Tem Kris Murray was the top vote-getter for council, and Councilwoman Gail Eastman has apparently been narrowly edged out by James Vanderbilt, a member of the Anaheim City School District Board of Education whom Tait recruited at the beginning of the year to ...

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Democratic Former State Senator Gloria Romero Records Robocall Against Vanderbilt and Moreno

Former state Sen. Gloria Romero devotes herself to championing charter schools and helping parents utilize the Parent Trigger Law (which she authored) to create better educational opportunities for their children. She has lately been helping parents at Palm Lane Elementary School, in the Anaheim City School District, who want to use the Parent Trigger Law to convert Palm Lane to ...

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The Tait-Vanderbilt-Moreno Popular Front

Tait me and jose FB post 11-2-14

We’re near the finish line for the Anaheim elections. On the council side of things, the real choice before Anaheim voters is between re-electing Mayor Pro Tem Kris Murray and Councilwoman Gail Eastman, or replacing them with two members of Anaheim City School District Board of Education: James Vanderbilt and Jose F. Moreno. Vanderbilt is a Republican and Moreno is ...

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Anaheim Mailbox: Vanderbilt Lies About Murray Vote On Measure N


When he decided to run for Anaheim City Council at the beginning of the year, James Vanderbilt told both Mayor Pro Tem Kris Murray and Councilwoman Gail Eastman that he was mainly running to build up name ID, that he thought they’d done a good job and he wasn’t going to attack them. So much for promises. Yesterday, this mailer ...

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