Anaheim Emergency Homeless Shelters Plan On Track

The Salvation Army’s 224-bed temporary shelter has opened its doors and is accepting homeless individuals, as the city continues making progress toward establishing and maintaining the requisite number of shelter beds to permit continued enforcement of anti-camping laws in city parks. The federal settlement agreement requires Anaheim to have 325 shelter beds to permit enforcement of anti-campaign laws. As of ...

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Homeless Encampments Cleared From La Palma, Schweitzer, Maxwell Parks, Other Locations

[H/T to commenter David Michael Klawe for bringing this to our attention.] The City of Anaheim posted this update yesterday on Nextdoor.com: Anaheim Shelter Plan update: Park encampments cleared More than 150 people have moved to an interim emergency homeless shelter from Maxwell, La Palma and Schweitzer parks, a west Anaheim street corner, an underpass at Gene Autry Way and ...

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Homeless Encampment Cleared From Maxwell Park

Christmas came early for the neighborhoods adjacent to Maxwell Park on Friday morning, as city authorities cleared the homeless encampment that had been growing exponentially during the last few months – reclaiming the park for its proper use by the public. As many as 50 tents clogged the sidewalks on both sides of Broadway, in front of Maxwell Park and ...

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Are Days Numbered For Maxwell Park Homeless Encampment?

The temporary emergency shelter on State College is due to open its doors the morning of December 20. The first order of business is to accommodate those homeless encamped at Maxwell, Twila Reid and La Palma parks.  Homeless people camping at those parks have been outreached to and warned that with the opening of the temporary shelter, the city will ...

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State College Shelter To Open On December 20

The 200-bed temporary emergency homeless shelter on State College Street – what some are calling the “Miracle on State College” – is ready to open tomorrow morning and begin receiving homeless people living in Maxwell, Twila Reid and La Palma parks and begin receiving tomorrow morning. In a testament to the private sector speed and nimbleness and a City Hall ...

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Temporary Emergency Homeless Shelter On Track To Open By December 20

The temporary emergency homeless shelter approved last week by the Anaheim City Council is  taking shape with breathtaking speed and will be ready to accept its first clients on Wednesday, December 19. Crews have been working virtually non-stop since last week, and the pace of the progress is astonishing. Here some photos taken inside the shelter earlier today: Beds have ...

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