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UPDATED: Moreno Labels Murray Push for Transparency on Immigration Task Force “Dog Whistle Politics”

Moreno welcoming anaheim exchange AB feat

District 3 Councilman Jose F. Moreno tacitly played the race card during an exchange with Councilwoman Kris Murray over her request for full public transparency for the “Welcoming Anaheim” immigration task force – accusing her of playing “dog whistle politics” and claiming “people like you” intimidate Latinos. The progressive Chicano Studies professor – who has made greater transparency a priority ...

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Transparency Takes A Beating From Tait Council Majority


Transparency took a beating from the Tait council majority this Tuesday by voting down an attempt by Councilwoman Kris Murray to apply full public transparency to the Moreno/Tait “Welcoming Anaheim” immigration mayoral task force. Mayor Tait then took it a step further by agendizing for the next council meeting a repeal of the December 20 council resolution authorizing the Welcoming ...

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Tait and Moreno Try To Straddle Political Fissure of Sanctuary Cities

tait moreno districts win 1-12-16

The Santa Ana City Council has embraced sanctuary city status with reckless gusto, as councilmembers fell over themselves to lead “the resistance” to what they imagine is coming from the Trump Administration. The situation has been more muddled in Anaheim. Councilmembers Kris Murray, Lucille Kring, Steve Faessel and Denise Barnes have variously indicated their opposition to refusing cooperation with federal ...

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Senior Patrons Of Downtown Community Center Concerned About Townhomes Project

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Earlier this week, about 200 Anaheim seniors gathered at the Downtown Anaheim Community Center to meet with District 3 Councilman Jose Moreno regarding a Brookfield Homes proposal to build 100 townhomes on 3.3 acres adjacent to the DACC and owned by the Anaheim Housing Authority.  The meeting included a presentation about the proposed development by a Brookfield representative. Mr. Rob ...

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Team Tait Strikes Back


Last week, while Anaheim residents shopped, wrapped presents and were otherwise distracted preparing for Christmas Day, Mayor Tom Tait’s the newly-ensconced council majority plowed through a long list of major policy shifts they had piled onto the agenda with a few days notice. Mayor Tait employed the symbolism of dais to emphasize the new order. Rather than seating the councilmembers ...

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“Welcoming” Or Sanctuary City? A Distinction Without A Difference


[Cross-posted from OC Daily] Among the items on the December 20 Anaheim City Council agenda to create a “Mayoral Task Force to Research and Establish A Welcoming Anaheim Initiative.” The item was requested by newly-elected District 3 Councilman Jose F. Moreno, a professor of Chicano Studies at Cal State Long Beach. Moreno is on the record as a strong supporter of ...

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Jose Moreno Gets The 2-Year Seat; Can Run For 4-Year Term In 2018

Jose Moreno megaphone feature

City Clerk Linda Andal conducted the casting of lots following tonight’s swearing in of new council members in order to determine who serves a two-year term (according to the stipulations of Measures L and M, which implemented by-district council elections and expanded the council from four to six members). She took four blank wooden chips, wrote 1 on one chip, ...

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