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Anaheim City Council Candidates: Final Ballot Order

Following is the ballot order for the Anaheim City Council election this November, per the randomized alphabet drawing (candidates who paid for candidate statements in the sample ballot are in bold): District 1 Angel VanStark – Tax Assistant Mark Richard Daniels – Community Volunteer Orlando Perez – Businessman/Realtor Freddy Fitzgerald Carvajal – Insurance Broker Steven Chavez Lodge – Anaheim Commissioner/Businessman ...

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The Anaheim Republican Assembly’s Strange Candidate Forum

For those unable to attend, the following is a summary of tonight’s council candidate forum sponsored by the Anaheim Republican Assembly: All 11 candidates in attendance oppose Short-Term Rentals, the streetcar and TOT tax rebates to attract 4-Diamond hotels. That was it. The candidates were asked a total of TWO questions: “What is your opinion on the Anaheim street car ...

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Democrat Voters Dominate In 5 of 6 Anaheim Council Districts; “People’s Map” A Big Win For Progressive Interest Groups

The “People’s Map” pushed by a coalition of left-wing pressure groups has taken a largely nominal city-wide Democratic voter registration advantage in Anaheim and converted it into large Democratic advantages in five of the six council districts.  This should come as a surprise to no one since that was always the objective of the campaign for by-district elections, notwithstanding the ...

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UPDATED: Final List of Anaheim City Council Candidates

UPDATED 3:09 p.m, on August 15 regarding District 5. Candidate filing closed at 5:00 p.m. on Friday; following is the final list of candidates for Anaheim City Council: DISTRICT 1 Denise Barnes (Republican) Mark Richard Daniels (Democrat) Freddy Fitzgerald Carvajal (Democrat) Leonard “Len” Lahtinen (Democrat) Steven Chavez Lodge (Republican) Orlando Perez (Republican) Angel VanStark (No Party Preference)   DISTRICT 3 ...

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Is The Anaheim Republican Assembly Still Republican?

It’s an unusual to ask, but not an unreasonable one. The purpose of the California Republican Assembly, of which the Anaheim Republican Assembly (ARA) is a chapter, is “to advance the interests of the Republican Party.”  Yet last year, ARA leaders Benita Gagne and Cynthia Ward urged the Anaheim City Council to adopt the “People’s Map” developed and hawked by ...

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More Candidates In Districts 1 and 4

Candidate filing officially open yesterday and Councilman Jordan Brandman was first to file nomination papers in District 3: However, new candidates have been filing their “intention to run” papers for the last few weeks, and here they are. District 1 Two additional people have added their name to the growing roster of candidates in District 1, which encompasses the the ...

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