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Barnes, Vanderbilt To Speak, Take Questions At WAND Meeting Tonight

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The West Anaheim Neighborhood Development Council – commonly know as WAND – meets tonight, April 12, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the West Anaheim Youth Center at 320 S. Beach Boulevard.  WAND is a long-established West Anaheim civic activism group whose area of focus has been what is now Council Districts 1 and 2. District 1 Councilmember Denise ...

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Transparency Takes A Beating From Tait Council Majority


Transparency took a beating from the Tait council majority this Tuesday by voting down an attempt by Councilwoman Kris Murray to apply full public transparency to the Moreno/Tait “Welcoming Anaheim” immigration mayoral task force. Mayor Tait then took it a step further by agendizing for the next council meeting a repeal of the December 20 council resolution authorizing the Welcoming ...

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Team Tait Strikes Back


Last week, while Anaheim residents shopped, wrapped presents and were otherwise distracted preparing for Christmas Day, Mayor Tom Tait’s the newly-ensconced council majority plowed through a long list of major policy shifts they had piled onto the agenda with a few days notice. Mayor Tait employed the symbolism of dais to emphasize the new order. Rather than seating the councilmembers ...

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On Mandates And Phony “People v. Special Interests” Narratives


The ballot counting is virtually done. Let’s take another look at the Anaheim city council results and consider what they mean. The most obvious consequence, of course, is that Mayor Tom Tait has, on his third try, secured an ostensible majority on the city council – due to narrow wins by two of his four candidates: Denise Barnes in District ...

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Districts 1 and 3: Barnes and Brandman Wins Highly Likely


[Cross-posted from OC Daily] Tait Slate candidate Denise Barnes once again expanded her lead over Steve Chavez Lodge. Yesterday, the neophyte candidate led by 183 votes. 443 ballots were counted and now she is ahead by 187 votes. It’s near-certain Barnes will take this. She’s been expanding her lead for the last week, and the universe of uncounted ballots is ...

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Anaheim: Tait/Progressive-Left Slate Losing in Council Races


[Cross-posted from OC Daily] November 2016 was another election showdown between the traditional “Anaheim Way” coalition and the strange alliance of Mayor Tom Tait and progressive interest groups. And it was another defeat for the Tait/Progressive-Left efforts to take control of the city council. This election is the culmination of a multi-year effort by a coalition of progressive political interests ...

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District 1: Denise Barnes’ Campaign of Unkindness

Denise Barnes STR

It’s usually pretty easy to figure out the front runner in a campaign: it’s the candidate whom all the other candidates are attacking. By that measure alone, Steve Chavez Lodge is the front-runner in District 1. That was the case at last night’s candidate forum sponsored by the West Anaheim Neighborhood Development Council (WAND). And from numerous reports from District ...

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Council Races: So Much For “Neighbors Representing Neighbors”

Anaheim council districts map large

A principal mantra of by-district council election supporters – repeated ad nauseum – is they would lead to neighbors electing neighbors: people who knew each other getting together to elect someone they knew to the city council. It was touted as an antidote to the at-large system, which district proponents denounced as producing councilmembers who were supported by a handful of outside ...

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