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District 1: Denise Barnes Serves As Prop In Quirk-Silva & Josh Newman Political Production

Denise Barnes SQS Women of Distinction

Anaheim Insider here. This was posted on Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva’s Facebook page last week: And there, front and center, is District 1 Councilmember Denise Barnes – standing next to Sen. Josh Newman. Remember, Quirk-Silva is the Democrat incumbent in Assembly District 65, which is a swing seat. And Democrat Newman represents Senate District 29, and is the target a June ...

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Denise Barnes: Anaheim Police Department Lacks Kindness And Confidence of Public

barnes AB feat

The incipient Police Review Board was on the agenda at last week’s city council meeting, and a number of anti-police activists went to the podium to condemn the Anaheim Police Department as extraordinarily violent organization badly in need of severe oversight. This is nothing new: the same activists have been leveling the same charges at city council meetings for the ...

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Does Publicly Answering Constituents’ Questions “Politicize” Them?

barnes AB feat

When elected officials attend community meetings, they’re customarily willing to publicly answer questions from their constituents. That is apparently not the case in District 1. The West Anaheim Neighborhood Development Council (WAND) has been the organized voice of West Anaheim residents for decades. Earlier this month, Esther Wallace, WAND’s long-time president, invited District 1 Councilmember Denise Barnes to speak at ...

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Inclusionary Zoning: Will Tait Be “A Freedom Guy” Tonight?

Tait at dais feat AB

Anaheim Insider here. This is a text sent to Mayor Tom Tait by his staff consigliere Mishal Montgomery on April 28 of this year, alerting him to rent control concerns expressed by Vickie Talley, who represents mobile home park owners: Given Councilman Jose F. Moreno’s political philosophy, Ms. Talley’s fear were (and are) warranted. The “Denise” to whom Montgomery refers ...

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The Myth of the Anti-Disney, Anti-Resort Backlash

Anaheim Resort AB feat

Media narratives can be powerful things, which is why politicians and interests seeking to influence public debate try to craft clever narratives.  It’s why the winners of elections always try to claim a “mandate,” whether they won by a landslide or squeaked out an electoral college win while losing the popular vote by millions. In Anaheim, it’s why the progressives ...

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City Removes Benches From Anaheim Resort Bus Stops To Keep Them Becoming De Facto Homeless Shelters

Photo: Joseph Pimentel, OC Register

The City of Anaheim has been removing benches from bus stops around the Anaheim Resort area because they’ve been taken over by homeless people, the OC Register reports: Since October, the city has taken out bus benches at the four stops at Harbor Boulevard and Katella Avenue, and another bench further north in front of the Captain Kidd’s restaurant. City ...

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Tait-Moreno Council Majority Kills Affirmation of Anti-Camping Ordinance

peter marshal park 9a

The Tait council majority’s action on two agenda items last week set the table for the repeal of the city’s ordinance against camping and storing personal property on public property, a law the council adopted in 2013 as a tool for preventing homeless encampments from overrunning city parks. The make-up of a new homelessness task force – Councilman Jose Moreno’s ...

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Scenes of Homeless Camping In Peter Marshall Park

peter marshal park 1 AB Feat

This evening the Anaheim City Council will discuss the city’s existing ordinance against camping and storing personal property in city parks. Liberal homeless advocates have been agitating for months for the council to repeal the ordinance, allow the homeless to camp in public parks and open the park restrooms 24 hours a day for their use. Naturally, this is vehemently ...

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Most Homeless Campers By 91 Freeway And Harbor Refusing Help and Services

91 freeway encampment AB feat

“Most of the individuals here have not been receptive to services and have actually declined any type of emergency or transitional shelters, any behavioral health services, or any other resources that we’ve offered to them.” That is not a quite from some heartless, anti-homeless NIMBY, but from Gigi Zanganeh, director of programs for CityNet, the City of Anaheim’s homeless services ...

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