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The Myth of the Anti-Disney, Anti-Resort Backlash

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Media narratives can be powerful things, which is why politicians and interests seeking to influence public debate try to craft clever narratives.  It’s why the winners of elections always try to claim a “mandate,” whether they won by a landslide or squeaked out an electoral college win while losing the popular vote by millions. In Anaheim, it’s why the progressives ...

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City Removes Benches From Anaheim Resort Bus Stops To Keep Them Becoming De Facto Homeless Shelters

Photo: Joseph Pimentel, OC Register

The City of Anaheim has been removing benches from bus stops around the Anaheim Resort area because they’ve been taken over by homeless people, the OC Register reports: Since October, the city has taken out bus benches at the four stops at Harbor Boulevard and Katella Avenue, and another bench further north in front of the Captain Kidd’s restaurant. City ...

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Tait-Moreno Council Majority Kills Affirmation of Anti-Camping Ordinance

peter marshal park 9a

The Tait council majority’s action on two agenda items last week set the table for the repeal of the city’s ordinance against camping and storing personal property on public property, a law the council adopted in 2013 as a tool for preventing homeless encampments from overrunning city parks. The make-up of a new homelessness task force – Councilman Jose Moreno’s ...

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Scenes of Homeless Camping In Peter Marshall Park

peter marshal park 1 AB Feat

This evening the Anaheim City Council will discuss the city’s existing ordinance against camping and storing personal property in city parks. Liberal homeless advocates have been agitating for months for the council to repeal the ordinance, allow the homeless to camp in public parks and open the park restrooms 24 hours a day for their use. Naturally, this is vehemently ...

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Most Homeless Campers By 91 Freeway And Harbor Refusing Help and Services

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“Most of the individuals here have not been receptive to services and have actually declined any type of emergency or transitional shelters, any behavioral health services, or any other resources that we’ve offered to them.” That is not a quite from some heartless, anti-homeless NIMBY, but from Gigi Zanganeh, director of programs for CityNet, the City of Anaheim’s homeless services ...

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Homelessness: City Council To Vote On Re-Affirming Anti-Camping Ban

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This Tuesday, June 20, the Anaheim City Council will vote on re-affirming the anti-camping ordinance enacted in 2013 to prevent city parks from being turned into homeless encampments. The ordinance added the ability to prosecute, under appropriate circumstances, camping and storing personal property in parks as misdemeanors rather than mere infractions – giving the city stronger tools for reclaiming the ...

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More Wrinkles From Barnes’ FPPC Fine

Denise Barnes STR

Anaheim Insider here. TheLiberalOC.com published a follow-up story to news about Councilmember Denise Barnes being fined by the FPPC. The article lists dozens of council votes Barnes participated in when some are saying she should have recused herself due to her husband’s work for Disney: Anaheim city council member Denise Barnes, a key member of the Tom Tait city council ...

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Denise Barnes To Be Fined By Fair Political Practices Commission

Denise Barnes STR

Among the items on the May 25, 2017 agenda of the California Fair Political Practices Commission is a proposed $100 fine for “failure to disclose her pro-rata share of her spouse’s income on her Candidate Statement of Economic Interests, in violation of Government Code Section 87207” in her candidate Form 700 Statement of Economic Interests filed on August 12, 2016. There’s ...

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Barnes, Vanderbilt To Speak, Take Questions At WAND Meeting Tonight

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The West Anaheim Neighborhood Development Council – commonly know as WAND – meets tonight, April 12, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the West Anaheim Youth Center at 320 S. Beach Boulevard.  WAND is a long-established West Anaheim civic activism group whose area of focus has been what is now Council Districts 1 and 2. District 1 Councilmember Denise ...

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Transparency Takes A Beating From Tait Council Majority


Transparency took a beating from the Tait council majority this Tuesday by voting down an attempt by Councilwoman Kris Murray to apply full public transparency to the Moreno/Tait “Welcoming Anaheim” immigration mayoral task force. Mayor Tait then took it a step further by agendizing for the next council meeting a repeal of the December 20 council resolution authorizing the Welcoming ...

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