2016 Election

Fact Checking The Mayor’s Distortions About The Resort District

Anaheim Resort AB feat

Mayor Tom Tait penned an op-ed with the high-minded title of “Change for the Good Of All in Anaheim,” which ran in the OC Register yesterday. It was in response to an earlier op-ed by OCBC President Lucy Dunn criticizing the Tait majority’s defenestration of City Manager Paul Emery in particular, and its general approach to governing Anaheim. The mayor ...

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James Irvine Foundation Spending Millions on Progressive Political Activism in Orange County

james irvine foundation socialist AB feat

One doesn’t ordinarily think of charitable foundations as political players, but the reality is ostensibly non-partisan not-for-profits spend enormous sums funding progressive organizations and their political agendas. For example, the James Irvine Foundation – which has nothing to do with The Irvine Company other name a common namesake – spends tens of millions of dollars funding “civic engagement” and “democracy” ...

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Denise Barnes To Be Fined By Fair Political Practices Commission

Denise Barnes STR

Among the items on the May 25, 2017 agenda of the California Fair Political Practices Commission is a proposed $100 fine for “failure to disclose her pro-rata share of her spouse’s income on her Candidate Statement of Economic Interests, in violation of Government Code Section 87207” in her candidate Form 700 Statement of Economic Interests filed on August 12, 2016. There’s ...

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District 1 Councilmember Denise Barnes Priority Number 1: Massive Compensation Hike For Mayor’s Assistant

mishal montgomery moreno feat

Anaheim Insider here. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, rarely have so many work so hard to increase the pay of so few. Actually, just one person: Mishal Montgomery, Mayor Tait’s chief policy whisperer and hatchetman. $87,000. All in with benefits and such, the cost of taxpayers of the newly-created “Chief Policy Advisor to the Mayor”?: a whopping $158,000.  That is almost ...

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On Mandates And Phony “People v. Special Interests” Narratives


The ballot counting is virtually done. Let’s take another look at the Anaheim city council results and consider what they mean. The most obvious consequence, of course, is that Mayor Tom Tait has, on his third try, secured an ostensible majority on the city council – due to narrow wins by two of his four candidates: Denise Barnes in District ...

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District 3: Moreno Edges Brandman For The Win


[Cross-posted from OC Daily] Every day since Election Day, leftist Chicano Studies professor Jose F. Moreno has chipped away at the lead of Councilman Jordan Brandman. By Friday, the two Democrats were tied, and this evening’s ballot counting update put Moreno 44 votes ahead of Brandman: While there are reportedly some challenged ballots still to be counted in District 3, ...

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UPDATED – District 3: Brandman and Moreno TIED


[Cross-posted from OC Daily] You cannot make this stuff up. The Council District 3 race – upon which the balance of power on Anaheim City Council hinges – is tied: It’s our understanding all the ballots in District 3 have been counted. If so, state law says the winner is decided by a coin flip. The loser of the coin ...

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District 3 Update: Brandman Holds Onto Lead Over Moreno


[Cross-posted from OC Daily] Another round of ballot counting updates, and the race in Anaheim’s Council District 3 got a little tighter. Leftist academic Jose F. Moreno picked up some votes, but it wasn’t nearly as big a gain as yesterday. Another 1,217 votes were counted in District 3, and Moreno picked up 34 – putting him 61 votes behind ...

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District 3: Moreno Narrows Brandman Lead To 95 Votes

Jose Moreno megaphone feature

[Cross-posted from OC Daily] OC Daily might have ventured predictions a mite prematurely yesterday morning, as the evening update resulted in some close races getting even closer.  Riding on the outcome of two close races is the balance-of-power in the state Senate and on the newly-expanded Anaheim City Council. Senate District 29 51,00 Orange County ballots were counted yesterday, and ...

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