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Anaheim City Council Votes 4-0-2 To Support Prop. 13; James Vanderbilt, Denise Barnes Abstain

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On March 6, the Anaheim City Council barely passed a resolution in support of preserving Proposition 13 and opposing any efforts to create a “split roll” property tax system. The resolution was introduced by Councilmember Lucille Kring and is timely in that progressives are attempting to qualify a split-roll initiative for the statewide ballot. The council approved the resolution on ...

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Good Reasons For Not Signing Anaheim Resort Unions’ $18 Wage Initiative

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A coalition of Anaheim Resort unions, led by radical UNITE-HERE Local 11, will soon be collecting signatures to qualify an initiative to impose an $18 an hour minimum wage on leading Anaheim employers, including the Disneyland Resort. There are a host of reason why Anaheim voters should not sign this extreme, economically destructive initiative. The Union Initiative Will Destroy Existing ...

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District 1: Denise Barnes Serves As Prop In Quirk-Silva & Josh Newman Political Production

Denise Barnes SQS Women of Distinction

Anaheim Insider here. This was posted on Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva’s Facebook page last week: And there, front and center, is District 1 Councilmember Denise Barnes – standing next to Sen. Josh Newman. Remember, Quirk-Silva is the Democrat incumbent in Assembly District 65, which is a swing seat. And Democrat Newman represents Senate District 29, and is the target a June ...

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Ironic Funding Source For Pro-Union Group That Authored $18 Minimum Wage Initiative Study

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Militant hotel workers union UNITE-HERE Local 11 is leading a coalition of Anaheim Resort unions seeking to qualify an $18 minimum wage for the November ballot. The state minimum wage is currently $11 an hour – if approved, this initiative would give the Anaheim Resort the highest minimum wage in the nation. It would apply to any Anaheim Resort business with some kind ...

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4th Supervisor District: Fullerton Mayor Chaffee Makes Six Candidates

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[Cross-posted from our partner site,] The free-for-all in the Fourth Supervisorial District finally has an official candidate field, with six people running to succeed the termed out Shawn Nelson (R-Fullerton), who is running for the open seat in the 39th Congressional District.  Mayor Doug Chaffee (D-Fullerton) pulled papers on Monday and filed Thursday to become the final candidate in the race.  With that, ...

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Jose F. Moreno: Anaheim’s Current Police Spending Will “Create A Police State”

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During the city council’s mid-year budget review on February 27, District 3 Councilman Jose F. Moreno expressed his feeling that continuation of current police spending levels will turn Anaheim “into a police state.” “If we keep investing just in police and fire – really, police – we’re really creating a police state, and I don’t wanna do that. I don’t want ...

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OC Register Opposes Union $18 Minimum Wage Initiative

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[This editorial was originally published by the OC Register on March 7, 2018] A proposed ballot initiative requiring Disneyland Resort and any large hospitality business receiving subsidies from the city of Anaheim to pay an $18 minimum wage seeks to wrongly involve government in a situation that could use less government involvement. Because, whatever valid criticisms there are to make ...

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Jose F. Moreno Praises Advocates Who Sued County, Anaheim To Stop Clearing of Riverbed Homeless Camp

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An Anaheim resident recently e-mailed District 3 Councilman Jose F. Moreno regarding the number of vouchers for West Anaheim-based motels that have been given to the homeless cleared from the Santa Ana River Trail. Moreno replied by praising the radical homeless advocates and criticizing Councilwoman Kris Murray for her efforts – Operation Home SAFE – to spur the clearing of ...

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Unstableheim: Community Services Director Brent Dennis Quits To Take Tucson Parks Position

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Anaheim Insider here. Brent Dennis has resigned as Community Services Director for the City of Anaheim, leaving to take a similar post with the City of Tuscon, Arizona. The day after presenting the City Council with an update on the city’s strategic parks plan on February 27, Dennis submitted his resignation. In an e-mail, Dennis said he delivered the news “with ...

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