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Yesenia Rojas Arrested For Outstanding Warrant; Says Police “Are The Gang” in Anaheim

Yesenia rojas sept 4 its time anaheim

Yesenia Rojas, an SEIU-USWW organizer from Anna Drive who has become a de facto media spokesperson for that neighborhood and an active supporter of by-district council elections, as arrested this morning by Anaheim police. According to posts by her network of supporters and friends on Facebook, Rojas was brought in on an outstanding warrant for either interfering with the justice ...

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“News Video” on Anaheim Politics By Left-Wing LA Activist for Venezuelan/Cuban-owned Network

As if things couldn’t get any crazier in Anaheim, now there is a Chavista media outlet owned by Venezeula, Cuba, Nicaragua and other left-wing regimes Latin American regimes sponsoring negative political “news” about Anaheim. Roberto Lovato, a left-wing writer from Los Angeles who thinks America is under the thumb of a corporate dictatorship that used government and the police to ...

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Council Election Update: Donna Acevedo Pulls Papers

Anti-police activist Donna Acevedo filed her formal intention to run for city council back in March of this year. She has now taken the next step by pulling nomination papers, which have to be returned completed with the requisite number of valid signatures by 5:00 p.m. on August 8. That brings to five the number of candidates who have pulled ...

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Another Day in Anaheim’s “Year of Kindness”

Mayor Tom Tait has declared 2013 the Year of Kindness in Anaheim – not that one would know it from the public comments during this morning’s special council meeting. A group of the mayor’s supporters showed up this morning to oppose Councilman Brandman’s proposal that the mayor or a councilmember have the support of at least one colleague in order ...

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Joel Acevedo Shooting: The Myth of the Missing Gun Shot Residue Test

Ever since the OC District Attorney’s office released its report stating the police shooting of Joel Acevedo was justified, a tiny but vocal group refuse to accept that finding.  To do so would entail relinquishing their belief that the Anaheim police actually executed Acevedo. One of slender reeds to which they cling is the “missing gun shot residue test” claim. ...

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Scenes from Anti-Police Protest: Radicals Taunt Police with Obscenities

The consensus media line on Sunday’s anti-police protest in Anaheim is that it was “peaceful.” As someone who spent the entire afternoon at the protest, I contend that is a misleading description because it gives those who weren’t there (especially those dependent on the OC Register‘s pasteurized account) the impression it was placid. In reality, it was angry and belligerent ...

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Anaheim Anti-Police Protest Photos You Won’t See in the OC Register

The OC Register has a few photos from yesterday’s anti-police protest in front of Anaheim City hall and the Anaheim Police Department. It’s amazing (but not really surprising) how the OCR managed to almost completely avoid posting pictures of the red flags emblazoned with the likeness of the murderous Communist thug Che Guevara; the plenitude of signs (often carried by ...

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Donna Acevedo Apparently Having Second Thoughts About Anti-Police March

UPDATED/CORRECTION: Donna Acevedo was not at the Charter Review Committee last night, as I reported earlier. There was a miscommunication with my source, and I have corrected the post accordingly, and apologize for the error. I heard from a very reliable source who overheard a conversation among some of the Usual Gadflies at last night’s Charter review Committee meeting. Cynthia ...

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BREAKING: OC District Attorney Exonerates Officer Phillips In Joel Acevedo Shooting

The OC District Attorney’s office has published its letter from OCDA Senior Deputy District Attorney Stephen J. McGreevy to interim Anaheim Police Chief Raul Quezada, detailing its “official investigation and legal conclusion” regarding the officer-involved shooting of Joel Acevedo on July 22, 2012. Here’s the letter. I haven’t read the letter, but here is the conclusion: “Based on all evidence ...

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