Anaheim Hills

“Censorship” Crybabies

This is a minor issue, but it illustrates how out-of-touch with reality are the motley crew who present themselves as the genuine Voice of the People of Anaheim. Jason Young, who decamped for the Golden Hills section of Fullerton several months ago, posted an item on his Save Anaheim blog accusing Anaheim Councilwoman Kris Murray of “censorship,” claiming she blocked ...

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[UPDATED] Anaheim Canyon Coalition: So Much For Open Dialogue

So earlier this week, I receive and accept an invitation to join the Anaheim Canyon Community Coalition’s Facebook group. It’s a closed FB group of about 180 people. Members post information and news about Anaheim. Posted by the page administrator was this message: “Hi all, Thanks for the feedback. This ACCC page welcomes all posts from ALL sides. Some posts are emotional, ...

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