Ball Road Basin power plant

Ball Road Basin Power Plant Appears Dead For Now

This morning, I was hearing rumors that Competitive Power Venture’s proposal for a 400 megawatt power plant on the Ball Road Basin was not selected by Edison from among the responses to its request-for-offers. The Orange County Register has posted a story confirming that is the case: Competitive Power Ventures did not make it on Southern California Edison’s short-list of ...

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Lou Correa Urges Edison to Reject Ball Road Basin Power Plant

As I posted last week, tomorrow is when Southern California Edison is supposed to select from the power generation proposals it received to its recent Request for Offers (RFO). Among those is Competitive Power Ventures’ proposal for a 400 megawatt power plant on the Ball Road Basin next to Ball Road and the 57 freeway in Anaheim. Senator Lou Correa ...

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Ball Road Basin Power Plant Update: Will Edison Select CPV Project?

One of the milestones on Competitive Power Ventures’s proposal to build a 400 megawatt power plant in OCWD-owned land in Anaheim arrives next week. On Thursday, January 30, Edison will notifies offerors who responded to its 2013 request-for-offers whether or not they’re projects have made the shortlist for consideration for contracts. If CPV’s offer doesn’t make the shortlist, it’s my ...

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What’s Next for Ball Road Basin Power Plant Proposal

When the OCWD Board of Director’s voted 6-4 on December 9 to lease the Ball Road Basin to Competitive Power Ventures (CPV), it was the first step on a longer road CPV must travel to get permission to build a 400 megawatt power plant on the site. CPV needed the lease agreement approved in order to meet the December 16, 2013 ...

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Sophistry and Misdirection at OCWD’s Board Meeting

“We are not approving a project, we are simply approving a lease,” water district board member Stephen Sheldon said as the meeting slipped past midnight at the agency’s headquarters in Fountain Valley. – Orange County Register, December 10, 2013 That’s what is known as a distinction without a difference. You’d need an atomic microscope to split that hair. Let’s say ...

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UPDATED: OCWD Board Approves Power Plant Lease

It’s getting close to the midnight, the public comments have wrapped up and now the 10-members of the OCWD Board of Directors are now making their comments and indicating how they’ll vote. [There were dozens and dozens of speakers, all of whom voiced opposition to the plant. Among them were Anaheim councilmembers Kris Murray and Jordan Brandman, Fullerton Councilwoman Jan ...

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