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Scenes of Homeless Camping In Peter Marshall Park

peter marshal park 1 AB Feat

This evening the Anaheim City Council will discuss the city’s existing ordinance against camping and storing personal property in city parks. Liberal homeless advocates have been agitating for months for the council to repeal the ordinance, allow the homeless to camp in public parks and open the park restrooms 24 hours a day for their use. Naturally, this is vehemently ...

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Most Homeless Campers By 91 Freeway And Harbor Refusing Help and Services

91 freeway encampment AB feat

“Most of the individuals here have not been receptive to services and have actually declined any type of emergency or transitional shelters, any behavioral health services, or any other resources that we’ve offered to them.” That is not a quite from some heartless, anti-homeless NIMBY, but from Gigi Zanganeh, director of programs for CityNet, the City of Anaheim’s homeless services ...

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Josh Newman Recall: OC Democratic Party Official On Video Harassing Gay Republican Volunteer

LeTourneau AB feat

Video has surfaced of Orange County Democratic Party Vice Chair Jeff LeTourneau verbally abusing a gay Republican gathering signatures to recall Democratic Sen. Josh Newman: The incident took place in front of WalMart in Fullerton in the heart of the 29th Senate District, which Newman represents. LeTourneau, a long-time left-wing Democratic acivists notorious for his volcanic public outbursts, accused recall ...

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Homelessness: City Council To Vote On Re-Affirming Anti-Camping Ban

homeless Big A AB feat

This Tuesday, June 20, the Anaheim City Council will vote on re-affirming the anti-camping ordinance enacted in 2013 to prevent city parks from being turned into homeless encampments. The ordinance added the ability to prosecute, under appropriate circumstances, camping and storing personal property in parks as misdemeanors rather than mere infractions – giving the city stronger tools for reclaiming the ...

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Homeless Encampments Are A Growing Public Safety Threat

Behind the Honda Center 2 AB

The homeless encampment by Angel Stadium gets most of the media attention because it is the most visible, but in reality it is the “downtown” of a giant linear squatters city sprawling along the Santa Ana River from Chapman Avenue all the way to Ball Road. There’s a growing suburb sandwiched between the riverbed and a line of businesses facing ...

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Anaheim Mayor 2018: Ashleigh Aitken Makes It Official

ashleigh aitken AB feat

Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait is termed out in 2018, and the first person to officially step into the race to succeed him is 41-year old Ashleigh Aitken, a Democrat and attorney from the wealthy Peralta Hills section of Anaheim Hills. On May 25, Aitken officially filed statement of organization paperwork with the city clerk to form a mayoral campaign committee. ...

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Anaheim Elementary School District Needs A Transparency Transfusion

nontransparent AB feat

Increasing transparency has been a watchword for good government for the last several years. Apparently, no one at the Anaheim Elementary School District has gotten the memo. A basic element of local government transparency is making it simple and easy for the citizenry to witness their elected officials conducting the public’s business. Thanks to modern technology, there is no technical ...

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OC Labor Boss Derides Opponents of Sanctuary Cities As “Evil”

welcoming anaheim 4-28-17 AB feat

Does disagreement with the policy prescriptions of the progressive Left – particularly when it comes to identity politics – make one “evil”? Julio Perez, the executive director of the Orange County Labor Federation, seems to think so – judging by comments he made in April as a member of Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait’s Welcoming Anaheim immigration task force. Toward the ...

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Remembering The Meaning of Memorial Day

tomb unknown soldier AB feat

More than 651,000 Americans have died in battle defending the United States, our freedom and our way of life (1.2 million have died during wartime service). Memorial Day is when we honor and reflect upon their supreme sacrifice for our Republic. More than any other public pronouncements, I think President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address – written before there was a ...

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James Irvine Foundation Spending Millions on Progressive Political Activism in Orange County

james irvine foundation socialist AB feat

One doesn’t ordinarily think of charitable foundations as political players, but the reality is ostensibly non-partisan not-for-profits spend enormous sums funding progressive organizations and their political agendas. For example, the James Irvine Foundation – which has nothing to do with The Irvine Company other name a common namesake – spends tens of millions of dollars funding “civic engagement” and “democracy” ...

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