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More Wrinkles From Barnes’ FPPC Fine

Denise Barnes STR

Anaheim Insider here. published a follow-up story to news about Councilmember Denise Barnes being fined by the FPPC. The article lists dozens of council votes Barnes participated in when some are saying she should have recused herself due to her husband’s work for Disney: Anaheim city council member Denise Barnes, a key member of the Tom Tait city council ...

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First Fruits of Tait Majority: Hellishly Long Council Meetings

Anaheim City Council AB feat

Anaheim Insider here. There are no discussion items on tomorrow’s city council agenda, holding out hope the public may be spared the needless agony of another of the marathon meetings that have become a hallmark of the Tait Majority. Since the Tait Majority took over, council meetings average seven hours in length. The shortest council lasted almost five hours. The ...

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District 1 Councilmember Denise Barnes Priority Number 1: Massive Compensation Hike For Mayor’s Assistant

mishal montgomery moreno feat

Anaheim Insider here. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, rarely have so many work so hard to increase the pay of so few. Actually, just one person: Mishal Montgomery, Mayor Tait’s chief policy whisperer and hatchetman. $87,000. All in with benefits and such, the cost of taxpayers of the newly-created “Chief Policy Advisor to the Mayor”?: a whopping $158,000.  That is almost ...

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Districting Panel Chair Headlined Democratic Fundraiser Days Before Vote on “People’s Map”

jacobson wallin captioned

Anaheim Insider here. In October 2015, a few days before the Advisory Committee on Electoral Districts recommend the map being aggressively pushed by a group of liberal and Democratic special interests, the chair of that Advisory Committee headlined a political fundraiser for the Democratic Foundation of Orange County (DFOC). The advisory committee was composed of retired judges, and chaired by retired ...

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CATER Still Not Complying With Federally-Mandated Disclosure Rules

cater diamond

Anaheim Insider here. Remember last August when it came out that CATER, the gaggle of gadflies who file nitpicky lawsuits whenever they think the city hasn’t dotted an “i” or crossed a “t”, had blown off their legal requirements to file annual disclosures with the IRS?  Click here and here to refresh your memory. Cynthia Ward and Greg Diamond responded by ...

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Tait Has Only Himself To Blame For The “People’s Map” Not Being On The Agenda

occord unite-here mob 12-15-15

Anaheim Insider here. Mayor Tom Tait is mad. Really mad. He’s outraged because he wasn’t allowed to circumvent legally-established council rules and put the so-called “People’s Map” on tomorrow evening’s agenda. Council policy dictates the mechanism by which councilmembers (which includes the mayor) can agendize items for council consideration: publicly requesting such during the two council communications portions of the ...

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OCCORD/Tait Rally Fizzles

vanderbilt tait briceno occord rally feature

Anaheim Insider here. The press release issued by OCCORD for the rally it is organizing with Mayor Tom Tait claimed “hundreds of Anaheim residents and dozens of community groups” would swarm Anaheim City Hall for a pre-council meeting rally and press conference. Here are photos of the press conference/rally posted a few minutes ago by OCCORD on its Facebook page: ...

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Tom Tait and OCCORD Organizing Left-Wing Rally Before Today’s Council Meeting

Tait Briceno feature

Anaheim Insider here. The progressive political interests that have dominated Anaheim’s districting process are gearing up for a show of force at tonight’s City Council meeting. Their goal is to shout down the Council Majority and intimidate Councilman Jordan Brandman into caving to their demand to exclude West Anaheim’s District 2 from the 2016 ballot in favor of Latino-majority District ...

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Anaheim’s Post-Conservative Mayor

moreno tait occord dinner feature

Anaheim Insider here. As was posted on this blog last week, Mayor Tom Tait put out the word via his Facebook page that he is looking for candidates to run for City Council. At one time, we could assume he would recruit conservative candidates, but that assumption is out the door since the Mayor entered his post-conservative phase. In 2012, ...

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