AUSHD Is Ground Zero For Pushing Politicized Ethnic Studies Curriculum

Yep. Nothing political about Ethnic Studies.

We posted earlier today about the alarming draft Ethnic Studies curriculum being considered by the state as a model for local public schools to use.

Readers can review the model curriculum here. It becomes quickly apparent to primary thrust of this curriculum is to inculcate students with a particular and radical political world view. The authors of this curriculum even recommend that Ethnic Studies be incorporated into academic courses such as Mathematics and Science, but also be taught to children beginning in kindergarten.

Given how California’s public education system generally struggles to graduate students who are proficient in basic subjects such as math and reading, one wonders why the drive to divert school time from basic subject matter to this esoteric, intrinsically political area of study.

The deadline for public comment on this radical new curriculum is August 15.

This is especially pertinent to Anaheim, where the local school districts are ground zero for Ethnic Studies advocacy.

District 3 Councilman Jose F. Moreno is an associate professor of Chicano Studies at Cal State Long Beach. Prior to being elected to council, Moreno served three terms on the Anaheim Elementary School District Board of Education.

Moreno’s friend and political ally, Anaheim Union High School District Superintendent Mike Matsuda, is an ethnic studies booster: under his tenure, ethnic studies classes have been started in several district schools with his full support.

The first Ethnic Studies curriculum in AUHSD was proposed by J. Paolo Magcalas, a political ally of  Moreno and Matsuda. Magcalas was a history teacher, but while pursuing a masters degree came to believe he was “oppressing” his students by teaching them a “Eurocentric” view of American history, and resolved to “liberate” their minds by creating an Ethnic Studies course.  Magcalas represents Trustee Area 3 on the Anaheim Elementary School District  Board of Education. He was elected in 2016 because no other candidate filed to run.

The inherently political nature of Ethnic Studies as taught in the state is illustrated in this December 2015 post on the OCCORD Facebook page:

Here you see Magcalas and his students making protest signs in the classroom in preparation for the December 2015 Anaheim City Council meeting – which wound up being shut down when political activists such as Magcalas and his students so completely disrupted the council meeting that the mayor adjourned it before completing the public’s business.

Another AUHSD-based Ethnic Studies advocate is Jose Lara, who was hired in 2018 to be assistant principal at Dale Junior High school – whose principal is Lorena Moreno, the wife of Councilman Moreno. Lara is leader of the Ethnic Studies Now Coalition, a political advocacy group that wants to make ethnic studies a high school graduation requirement – the better to ensure all California public school students are run through a semester’s worth of left-wing political indoctrination.

In fact, Lara believes the mere absence of ethnic studies from a school’s curriculum is evidence of “structural racism.”

At his 2018 re-election campaign kickoff, Jose Moreno gave a special shoutout to Lara:

Lara came to AUSHD from the Los Angeles Unified School District, where he ran the Centro Cultural Francisco Villa – and held up murderous communist thugs such as Che Guevara and Ho Chi Minh as role models for impressionable young people.

“The walls here are decorated with foreign revolutionaries like  Ho Chi Minh and Che Guevara,” Lara told Russia Today.

“Che Guevara did fight against dictatorships,right? And if you’re against dictatorships, then you support somebody like Che Guevara,” Lara continued.

“We’re talking about these figures who did revolutionary change,” Lara told the pro-Putin media outlet. “That’s something we talk about inside the classroom.”

Here’s a recent post from Lara’s Ethnic Studies Now Coalition Facebook page:

Shakur is a domestic terrorist who was convicted in 1973 of murdering a New Jersey state policeman. She escaped from prison in 1979 and five years later surfaced in Communist Cuba – where she still lives.

Is it really a good idea to glorify someone who murdered to further a fringe ideology? Is this kind of person ethnic studies leader Lara would like to see included in ethnic studies classes? Given his record of admiration of violent revolutionaries, don’t bet against it.

Lara assisted Magcalas in developing AUHSD’s inaugural Ethnci Studies class – at Loara High School.


  1. It is sad to see what these people have done with our children. Matsuda is so unfit for the job! Jose F Moreno is preparing the young soon to be voters to support him in his future campaigns. He is planning to run for congress and hopes to have all his followers suppoting him. He is part of the DPOC central committed. Has loyal followers in OC’s surrounding cities and has filtered his way in with our local school districts to teach our children his radical way of thinking! Wake up people!!!!!! Wake up Anaheim!!!!!! He has an agenda and doesn’t care about Anaheim at all!!!!!! We need to recall Moreno!!!!!! Otherwise we the people of Anaheim will suffer for his mistakes!!!!! He attacks Tom Daly and Congressman Lou Correa all the time because he aims to someday in the near future take over their seats. It is all about him…Moreno doesn’t care about Anaheim!!!!!! Our Anaheim children deserve better than this. May God protect our children!

  2. I think one semester of ethnic studies would be good for todays High School Students.
    Understanding diversity will help with many of the problems in society in the long run.

    While I don’t have a problem with Che Guevara and Ho Chi Minh, I do have a problem with Shakur.She is totally wrong to praise a cop killer.
    If Shakur believed in her cause, then she should have stayed here became a martyr for it.

  3. I am a retired high school History Docial Science teacher. Ethnic Studies is nothing new. I taught Ethnic Dtudies during the 1990s in L.A. County. Black History was taught ad well. The problem was finding qualified teachers or teachers who wanted to teach the courses.
    I clearly recall. CSLBU finding students not prepared in the subject of Ethnic Studies. On a university level there are departments for Asian Studies, Black Studies, Latin American Studies, Women Studies …….

  4. God help us!! We have completely turned around what this country has stood for. I pray for this country and our city.

  5. Ethnic Studies are not, in my opinion, politicized. Teaching children about the world’s people is not a political agenda, it is absolutely necessary to build smart, intelligent, critical thinkers. The world is full of diversity, America was built on just that, diversity. It is beautiful and interesting.

    Sister Shakur – if you learn more about her and the others that had to fight to save their lives and their free will, why she and others did the things that they did. I am not condoning, but I understand their plight. They had to make horrible choices because racism forced their hand. They were brutalized and tortured by all who demonized them, the hate for them was immense and socially accepted, and if not accepted a blind eye was. Look into their eyes and see and hear their pain and their plight.

    People, we are all people and we should all know about each other. What it is to be human and different.

    Life for a black woman in those days was even worse then a black man. The plight of people, then and now. It is in our best interest, to learn all that we can, not believe that the actions are for political reasons, but for humanitarian ones, and intellectual reasoning, as well as just plain intellectual curiosity!

    In those days, cops, were an enemy just as much as the KKK. They were all looking at people, but not seeing a human being, because they gave them names to dehumanize them.

    Being born in a certain country, being born of a specific race, is all a crap shoot, and it could have been you.

    Please, I beg all of you to start seeing human beings and stop dehumanizing people by calling them names, this includes the trends of calling women names.

    Ethnic Studies is nothing to be afraid of, it is a way to learn about others and their plight, as well as their origins and culture. And it is part of a well rounded education, which clearly we have all been missing, if this topic is being argued against.

    Being a racist is a choice, seeing a human being when you look into someone else’s eyes, is the norm I hope we all strive for, not today’s right wing political agenda of hate and division, and nonsense.

    I agree with the writer above, just what is your aversion to this course of study, which I wish you would have been required to take in high school – then we might not be having this discussion?


  6. There is theory among academics at Sacramento State University, which traces this issue back to the early 1970’s. It links the growing homeless crisis to a group of leftist professors at the community college level and in the CSU system who began promoting Chicano studies. This is precisely the group who would go on to mold Dr. Moreno and his politics.

    Here’s the theory: EVERYONE SHOULD GO TO COLLEGE, in an effort to get more Latino’s into college, they infiltrated the Capitol, bled the resources of State Facilities at Camarillo State Hospital, Fort Ord, Agnew State Hospital, Lanternman etc…All so “Latino’s” could go to college. Fast forward to 2019 and the kids ARE’NT going to college, they are dropping out and we have NO PLACE for the neediest among us.

    The ultimate butterfly effect

  7. About time

  8. David Michael Klawe

    Good News, for now.

    The State bill has been pulled for a year, to make changes.

    From the Tribune Content Agency.

    >> A measure that would require all California high school students take an ethnic studies course is on hold for at least a year after pro-Israel groups and other critics raised concerns about the curriculum.
    The decision was announced Thursday by the author of the bill, Assemblyman Jose Medina, D-Riverside. He said he remained committed to making ethnic studies a graduation requirement, but problems and disagreements with the draft curriculum need “ample time” to be worked out.<<

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