Disneyland Resort Contributes $5 Million To Local Affordable Housing Fund

A planned 102-unit affordable housing apartment complex in near the Anaheim Resort will be the beneficiary of a $5 million contribution by the Disneyland Resort to the Orange County Housing Trust.

Disneyland President Josh D’Amaro

The donation was announced last week and is the down payment on an effort to revitalize the OC Housing Trust as a catalyst for affordable housing construction, guided by a partnership between the Orange County Business Council and the NeighborWorks Orange County.  According to OCBC President and CEO Lucy Dunn the goal is to provide “last-mile” funding for affordable housing developers who have secured most of the funding for proposed projects but need the extra funding to begin building. It is part of an effort by the Orange County business community to generate an increased supply of affordable workforce housing.

“I feel we do have a responsibility. I think about Anaheim not just as where we do business, but this is our home,” said Disneyland Resort President Josh D’Amaro, adding he hope the donation will cause other business to follow the company’s lead.

The $81 million, 102-unit affordable housing complex is being developed by Jamboree Housing Coproation on a site at Manchester and Orangewood, in Anaheim. Most of  the funding comes from the state. The city contributed the 3-acres of land, a $3.1 million loan and park fees. The apartments will be marked for households earning 30 percent, 50 percent and 60 percent of the average median income. Those categories, respectively, range from incomes of $32,800 to $87,450 for a family of four.

The Anaheim City Council approved the entitlements for the project last month; it is Anaheim’s 13th housing project dedicated to offering affordable rents.  Governor Gavin Newsom recently singled Anaheim out for praise as a leader in affordable housing development.


  1. Sergio E Gonzalez

    In my opinion, for what it’s worth, these units should be available to low income Disney or Resort employees only for the duration of employment or their moving up to other housing. The complaint by resort workers was that there was no where close for them to live. That they could not afford housing near the resort. That they spent a big part of their day commuting. Well… this will make a dent in providing suitable living accommodations but if it goes available to the public at large we will find ourselves where we are now. No “affordable housing” for resort workers. There will be no end to this issue. Once again, the City does not have the infrastructure to keep adding to the population especially a non employed population. Now..that said, Thank you to the Disney Resort for stepping up. I wish more people would realize what an asset you are to the community and that you are not the evil big bad wolf.

  2. $81,000,000 for 102 units. That’s $800,000 per unit. I’m surprised you didn’t do the math. Or don’t know what it means. A preposterous cost.

    But then again maybe it’s a typical Anaheim scam. Jamboree Housing was a Pringle client, right?

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