Moreno’s Mounting Criticism Of Correa Underscores Primary Challenge Speculation

There’s mounting chatter in political circles about Councilman Jose F. Moreno mounting a left-wing primary challenge to Rep. Lou Correa, a fellow Democrat, in the 46th Congressional District in 2020.

For years, Moreno has criticized Correa as a “corporatist” – a progressive term of derision for Democrats who are not relentlessly hostile to free enterprise and profit.  If anything, he has stepped it up since being re-elected to the city council last year.

Earlier today, he posted this on his Facebook page, challenging Correa to support Medicare for All:

Medicare for All – the brainchild of socialist Bernie Sanders – would outlaw private health insurance. It would be illegal for an American citizen to purchase his or her own medical insurance outside of a federal heath care monopoly.  It would cost an estimated $32 trillion dollars over a decade – and that’s probably underestimating the cost. The 2018 federal budget is $4 trillion. The entire US economy is $20 trillion. Medicare for All is a destructive socialist fantasy that would lead to less and worse healthcare for all. In order to co-sponsor this boondoggle, one has to be an economic illiterate or a socialist (but I repeat myself).

Yet, that is what Moreno is demonstrating himself to be, and he wants Correa to join him in that camp.

Last week, OCEA Communications Director Gaston Castellanos posted photos of Correa’s local swearing-in ceremony:

Moreno took the occasion to mock Correa’s statement that he’s “not a partisan warrior,” paint him as a corporatist and hint at a primary challenge:

Keep in mind that Moreno is termed out. He would have a free ride to run against Correa in 2020, the AOC-wing of the party is chomping at the bit to purge Congressional Democrats who are to the right of Trotsky.

Moreno Flexible On When Money In Politics Is Bad
As this blog has noted Moreno’s distaste for money in politics doesn’t seem to extend to causes he favors. And at the February 19 council meeting, as the council heard the annual report on the city’s lobbying ordinance that he sponsored in 2017:

“I appreciate that the report includes when those folks who are being paid to lobby our city are themselves donating to the campaigns of councilmembers and mayors in our city.”


Last August, out of the blue, four executives and employees of McKenna Porsche in Norwalk each gave the maximum $2,000 contribution to Moreno’s re-election campaign. According to the lobbyist registration annual report, McKenna Porsche is interested in establishing a dealership in Anaheim. The only other campaign to which McKenna contributed was Patty Gaby’s losing effort in District 6.’

And there was a maximum $2,000 contribution from Michael Kaye, founder and managing partner of private equity firm Clearlight Partners. Among the companies in Clearlight’s portfolio is United Tactical Systems – Crowd Control Products, which makes “high quality irritant-filled projectiles and associated air launchers” for military and police to “use in crowd control and one-on-one scenarios.”

That should be popular with Justice Democrats and other denizens of the progressive Left.

Moreno omitted any mention of these while speechifying on the item.

Primary Challenge Prospects
While Moreno has little to lose politically by mounting a left-wing primary challenge to Correa, it’s difficult to map out a path to victory. He’d have to make it into the November general election with Correa, instead of a Republican. That would be tough. And even if that panned out, CD46 isn’t a left-wing district. In a Correa v. Moreno match up, the incumbent is a much better match to the district’s electorate. Then-Garden Grove Mayor Bao Nguyen ran as an unabashed leftist when he faced then-state Senator Correa in CD46 in 2016.  Correa curshed him 70% to 30%.

If Moreno runs on a platform of Medicare for All, open borders and the Green New Deal, Congressman Correa will eat him for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


  1. Don’t forget about Joe DONE. Vern’s buddy.

    That was the most embarrassing display of judgement in recent electoral history. That’s saying a lot.

    Jose could never unseat Correa, for one thing, he’s got the family history probems, which appear to be getting more and more complicated.

  2. Will Moreno ask Gil Cisneros and Harley Rouda to support this?

  3. Jose has appointed a Republican to a commission and another non Democrat to another commission. He needs to shut the F up

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