Homeless Encampments Cleared From La Palma, Schweitzer, Maxwell Parks, Other Locations

[H/T to commenter David Michael Klawe for bringing this to our attention.]

The City of Anaheim posted this update yesterday on Nextdoor.com:

Anaheim Shelter Plan update: Park encampments cleared

More than 150 people have moved to an interim emergency homeless shelter from Maxwell, La Palma and Schweitzer parks, a west Anaheim street corner, an underpass at Gene Autry Way and Santa Cruz Street and elsewhere, and the parks and other spaces have been cleared, cleaned and restored.

The clearing of the encampments was the result of extensive outreach by the city and our nonprofit partners, who have been working for days with those living in the parks and on the streets to offer them services and a bed at Anaheim’s newly opened interim emergency homeless shelter.

For the past two weeks, our team of social workers from the city’s nonprofit partners, along with Anaheim Police, Anaheim Public Works, Code Enforcement, Community Services, Anaheim Fire & Rescue and others, have been out helping people transition out of homelessness while also addressing unsustainable encampments in our parks and public spaces.

Since the 200-bed interim emergency homeless shelter opened on Dec. 20 — after an astounding 14-day buildout — we have been able to clear encampments at Maxwell Park, La Palma Park, Schweitzer Park, Gene Autry Way, Katella Avenue and at the corner of La Palma Avenue and Magnolia Street.

As of Thursday, the shelter is now home to about 160 people who previously were living outdoors amid colder weather and other risks.

The shelter, at 2040 S. State College Blvd., is a safe, warm and inviting alternative for those living on the streets, in parks and other public spaces in Anaheim.

Operated by Orange-based nonprofit partner Illumination Foundation, the shelter is a first step out of homelessness with case management, counseling, job assistance and other ongoing services.

Features include:

-Family living space with room for up to four families before they move to other accommodations

-Men’s living space -Women’s living space -All single beds with individual nightstands

-Transportation service

-Personal storage space

-Dining area, kitchen

-Pets, outdoor dog run

-Covered outdoor space

-Lounge area with TV

-Wireless internet

-Inspirational murals

The interim emergency shelter is the result of a public-private partnership with the business community to benefit the homeless and Anaheim’s neighborhoods.

Major Anaheim businesses have committed $350,000 in funding for the shelter plus donations of furniture, building materials and services.

The donations from the business community will help offset the use of city resources for the shelter construction and operation.

The city of Anaheim has provided up to $1.4 million for buildout of the shelter and its operation by Illumination Foundation.

The interim emergency shelter is expected to operate for about 90 days, closing once two temporary shelters in the works open in late January and February.

Anaheim is building a total of 325 temporary shelter beds for those living in homelessness in Anaheim at two temporary shelter sites at 3035 E. La Mesa St. and 1455 S. Salvation Place.

Some furnishings and other resources from the State College site will transfer over to the La Mesa site.

Down the road, the city also has plans to partner with The Salvation Army Orange County for a 400-600 bed homeless care center that will be part of the city’s long-term solution to addressing homelessness.

All of Anaheim’s shelter sites will include extensive operational and security oversight to ensure they are good neighbors.

Anaheim Police will oversee security planning and conduct regular patrols of the sites, supplemented by onsite security and rules barring loitering, walk-ups and drop-offs.

You can learn more about the shelters at Anaheim.net/shelterplan. To learn more about all we are doing to address homelessness, visit Anaheim.net/homeless.


  1. Resident of West Anaheim

    So grateful to the new mayors fast actions, volunteers and support. This is awesome.
    NOT grateful for Buena Park putting a shelter as far away from their center as possible, right on our border of Anaheim, at Knott and lincoln, which is struggling for business. It’s not a good location, and a guaranteed catastrophe waiting to happen. Thanks a lot Buena park. But we have enough to deal with here.
    They should have put it in an industrial area.

  2. Amazing what having an actual “leader” in the mayor’s seat can accomplish. Cooperation instead of divisiveness. Concern for residents, neighborhoods, and our city rather than personal agendas and egos. This one act, getting this shelter open, functioning, and occupied, is a greater (and more tangible) act of “kindness” then all the sound bites, self promotion, and meaningless rhetoric we got from the previous mayor during his entire 8 years in the office. Thank you Mayor Harry Sidhu for showing true leadership.

  3. A pretty good indicator of Mayor Sidhu’s success is the response from his detractors:

    Greg Diamond, a Brea resident with NO business meddling in in Anaheim politics (other than his self serving need to earn money) going APOCALYCTIC over the swift, effective NEEDED clearing of the parks for what they were designed for: CHILDREN.

    Ryan Catnor, another NON-ANAHEIM resident whining like a fifth grade girl. This guy should MOVE TO ANAHEIM and then start his commentary over. Participating in a brew conference and BAD poetry does not make you relevant Catnor’s.

    Dave Zenger, the disgraced, fired HOTHEAD, who could not hold a CUSH COUNTY JOB (anyone who argues that “picasso” was somehow acting responsiblibly should question his knowledge of the inner workings of government) sitting his his West Anaheim house AFRAID to run himself, attend xcommunity meetings or criticize Tait and Moreno’s FAILURE regarding the homeless.

    These keyboard cowboys tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about Anaheim:

    “Lawn Signs Don’t Vote and Instagram Followers Don’t Govern” – Nancy Pelosi.

    Get of the Blogs boys and get in the trenches.

  4. If Tait had proposed what Sidhu did, there would be worship and bootlicking.

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