OC Clerk-Recorder Moving North County Office To Anaheim

Orange County Clerk-Recorder Hugh Nguyen will be moving his North County Branch Office in Fullerton to a new location in Anaheim in an effort to address increasing demand for services and also to offer expanded services. Clerk-Recorder Nguyen is looking to have the new office up and running in February 2019.

The current North County Branch office in Fullerton has been in operation since February 2009. The office has provided the public important services such as issuing birth, death and marriage certificates, issuing marriage licenses, performing marriage ceremonies, document recording services, official records, and the filing of fictitious business name statements. However after nearly 10 years of service, the office has outgrown demand for services and its current location is no longer adequate.

The new North County Branch Office will be located in the city of Anaheim at 222 South Harbor Blvd. which will double in size and cost less compared to the Fullerton location – saving tax payers money. The new office will offer the same services as the current location with the addition of passport services, expanded document recording services and will also feature two marriage ceremony rooms instead of one. The new location has dedicated free parking and is located close to Intestate 5 and State Route 91 for easy access.

“I am looking forward to opening this new office in Anaheim,” Clerk-Recorder Hugh Nguyen said. “We will be able to continue serving the public by expanding our services and making our services as convenient as possible for our customers in North Orange County. I would like to thank the City of Fullerton for helping us serve the public for nearly 10 successful years.”

The department will post more information on its social media and its official website to keep the public informed during its transition from Fullerton to Anaheim.

For more information about the services available at the Orange County Clerk-Recorder Department, please visit us at OCRecorder.com.


  1. Yay Hugh – the original Orange Juice candidate! (You could look it up… google “live dirty clerk recorder:

  2. Vernal Equinoxious

    Yeah…as if Hugh Nguyen owes his job to your crummy blog.

    • Well, less the blog than my lobbying of Shawn, Todd and John for Hugh and against Ackerman and Ramirez … I helped a lot. Thanks for asking.

      • Vernal Equinoxious

        As if your opinion really carries weight with those guys. Sounds more like you NEED to believe you have political influence, Vern. You’re not just dishonest; you’re delusional.

        • When will your blog write a piece about the overwhelming vote to remobe him from the DPOC central committee. Or you 5th DUI for that matter. Why should anyone care what either of you have to say!

  3. Vern, what gifts were not under your tree from the $788 spent on signs against Brandman? Did you have shitty cheap food for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? What gifts you could have bought. Instead you are a slug on Local business and taxpayers who subsidize you when you’re old

  4. Downtown Anaheim is excited to welcome the county recorders office. Hugh has really brought a new level of customer service to this office.

  5. How much in a 529 Vern? 401k? Nothing right?

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