Temporary Emergency Homeless Shelter On Track To Open By December 20

The temporary emergency homeless shelter approved last week by the Anaheim City Council is  taking shape with breathtaking speed and will be ready to accept its first clients on Wednesday, December 19.

Crews have been working virtually non-stop since last week, and the pace of the progress is astonishing. Here some photos taken inside the shelter earlier today:

Beds have been delivered, electricity is in and plumbing work continues to move forward.

The shelter will have 150 beds for men and 50 for women – each in their own section. Another sections will have 10 rooms for families (although the fathers will have to stay in the mens’ section). These living quarters are nearly complete – outer walls and support structures almost done. Key services services such as laundry, restrooms and showers have arrived and are being installed. 

All these, as well as recreation equipment and other amenities, will be available when the first people enter the shelter next week. The Illumination Foundation – which operates the shelter – and city staff are already outreaching to the homeless in Anaheim’s city parks to inform them about the shelter and encourage them to enter it. Reportedly, 75 homeless individuals are already signed up to come into the shelter.

Staff from the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce and the Anaheim Hills Community Council have been doing yeomen’s work reaching out to local businesses that have generously stepped up to donate the materials and services that are making the rapid completion of the shelter a reality.

Volunteers are needed this Saturday, Sunday and possibly Monday to help put the finishing touches on the temporary emergency shelter. Especially needed are people with soft wood skills; helping with the assembly of beds; unloading items and supplies. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Leslie Swan at leslie@anaheimfirst.com, or sign up at this link.


  1. Me and my friend would love to volunteer on Sunday! Please let us know we are not able for whatever reason to get into the request volunteer enail

  2. Is there going to be WiFi provided as well?

  3. Have the worthless homeless work

  4. This is so great…it will give the homeless a warm bed, and clear out Maxwell park, restoring our faith that is situation is on its way!
    I’m so thankful to Mayor Sidhu for taking action so quickly!

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