Medrano: Vote “No” On Measure L – It Helps a Few, Hurts A Lot

Westin Anaheim Resort

I’m an Anaheim resident. I’m a proud trade unionist and representative for union members across Orange County. I support working people negotiating to get a better wage. So, you’d think I would support Measure L in Anaheim. But I don’t. The truth is that Measure L would help very few of my Anaheim neighbors get a raise, and would hurt the rest of us, a lot. I represent those that work building hotels, and those are the immediate jobs that are being threatened

Because Disney is exempt from Measure L, very few people actually get a pay increase under Measure L. But because it does target two planned four-diamond hotels, in Anaheim, those projects will be cancelled if Measure L passes. That puts my brothers and sisters who make their living in the building trades out of a job. In fact, Measure L would kill about 2,000 good-paying construction jobs – jobs that have a guaranteed hiring preference for Anaheim residents and veterans and provide an opportunity to many young men and women from Anaheim to start a career and move them from poverty wages and into the middle class through our Apprenticeship Programs.

Ernesto Medrano

Members of our trades feed their families by building projects like these hotels. That’s only possible when construction projects are happening. For the workforce that I represent, I have a duty to make sure they are never put out of work. They would likely work for one of the sites in Anaheim that will be stopped if Measure L passes, leaving them without an opportunity to make a living.

These sites are planned to be hotels, which will accommodate the booming tourism economy Anaheim thrives on each year. These hotels do not just provide jobs to construction workers. All kinds of occupations go into running a single hotel, occupations which would be lost with Measure L. To sum it up, two potential hotels in Anaheim would be canceled and 3,000 jobs would be lost. There is always room for more jobs here in Anaheim, especially jobs that help make our economy stronger.

Construction workers depend on a strong, growing economy to keep food on the table. We cannot allow policy that kills economic growth in Anaheim to pass, and prevent hundreds of other future hotel workers from supporting their families. Measure L ignores how the City’s growing economy is a source of income for so many everyday people.

The special interests behind Measure L tried to take care of their people, at the expense of everyone else. And they fought hard to prevent voters from knowing the truth. They insisted that the City refrain from running an economic analysis on Measure L, they did not want the wage requirement to be included in the ballot question, and they did not want Anaheim voters to vote on the measure – they just asked City Council to make it law. No doubt, they did not want voters to know that truth – far more people are hurt than helped by Measure L

I am proud to be Orange County’s Representative for Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building Trade Council. Our workforce has learned a skilled trade so that they can provide a decent, middle class life for their family. Measure L takes that away.

Measure L is bad for Anaheim. With less than a month until election day, it is critical that Anaheim residents are informed on the impact this will have on the city’s economy. This November, remember to vote no on Measure L.


  1. I know this silly fellow. He only cares about quick jobs for HIS people no matter what the expense to taxpayers, the environment, and other workers.

    We last argued at OCTA in 2013 when he stood up to say how badly union truckdrivers need toll lanes on the 405 because the traffic was slowing them down so bad. At the end of the meeting I said, “Dude that made no sense, your truckdrivers won’t be able to use the toll lanes, and the lanes they’re stuck in with the rest of us will be going slower than ever!”

    He called back over his shoulder, “We’ll talk later Vern!” and scurried off as quick as he could. He knew I was right.

  2. Shut up Vern. You only know what it’s like to be behind bars for felony DUI. Ernesto represents thousands of workers seeking good jobs at good wages. You pay almost no taxes in Anaheim. sTFU

    • So we have TWO here then? Two people who agree that the OCTA and CalTrans should take a billion and a half of our Measure M dollars that WE voted to improve and widen our freeways, take that money, tear down and rebuild 17 of our bridges over a four-year period on a 13-mile stretch of the 405, and build two new free lanes on the outside … and THEN make the two inner lanes expensive toll lanes, so that the patient put-upon taxpayer gets absolutely nothing out of the ordeal and expense?

      And then pretend that it had to do with making union truckdrivers go faster, which it doesn’t? (As far as I can tell, Teamsters and Building Trades are hoping that the TOLL REVENUE will fund more make-work jobs for their ranks.)

      And besides that you and Ernesto agree on not only all the taxpayer-swindling hotel subsidies, but – in the case of this article – that hotel workers should continue to make poverty wages just because Disney and Wincome are pretending they won’t build their hotels (hiring Ernesto’s troops) if they have to pay ’em a living wage?

      I think YOU guys should be behind bars for a few days. You’re doing a lot more harm to the community than I ever did.

      Good day, sir. And also STFU. I gotta go vote now.

  3. David Michael Klawe

    To every person eligible to Vote….

    If you have already Voted, Thank You!

    If you have received a Vote by Mail Ballot, don’t forget to return it.

    First off, make sure to fill out and sign the Box on the back of the envelope, if someone else takes it to a polling place, make sure they fill out the other box and they sign.

    If you want to mail it, make sure you put postage on the envelope. (Next year, it will be a postage paid envelope). It must be Postmarked by November 6th, so get it in the mail early. Your ballot WILL be counted when the Registrar of Voters receives it and verifies the signature.

    Or you can take it to any polling place in California by 8 PM.

    Or you can take your Vote by Mail Ballot and surrender it at YOUR polling place. They will allow you to vote electronically. Also if you made a mistake on the ballot, you can take it to the polling place and then vote there after surrendering it. If you never got your ballot or misplaced it, you can vote at your polling place and vote provisionally. Your vote will be counted once they verify that the original ballot wasn’t received by the Registrar of Voters.

    And of course, for those who didn’t ask for a Vote by Mail ballot, go to your polling place and vote!

    If you are not sure where to go, use the weblink below.

    If you have never registered, you still can tomorrow, you MUST go to the Registrar of Voters office. All the info at the link below.

    And if you truly care about Anaheim, its fiscal health (We have the Angels, Ducks, ARTIC, the Convention Center growth plus the continued growth of the Disneyland Resort and the Resort Area to deal with, great options to get non-residents to pay into the city’s General Fund) and to deal with problems like homelessness in our streets and parks, here are my strong suggestions.

    Harry Sidhu for Mayor

    Jordan Brandman in District 2
    Mitch Caldwell in District 3
    Trevor O’Neil in District 6

    YES on J & K

    NO on L

    John Cox for Mayor

    Diane Feinstein for Senator (The much better of two very bad choices)

    Dr. Coronado for State Assembly

    Young Kim
    Mimi Waters

    While not the biggest fans of the next two, the better of the two options

    Todd Spitzer for D.A.
    Tim Shaw for County Supervisor

    NO on Props 1, 2, 3 & 4

    YES on 5

    YES on 6

    NO on 7, 8 & 10

    YES on 11

    NO on 12 (Heck, even PETA is against it, as the “Humane Society” saying yes is NOT the true American Humane Society, a true BS prop placed on the ballot by the United Egg Producers).

    Once again, get out and VOTE, every single one matters in this election.

    And there is a very high likelyhood that we won’t know the results for every contest late Tuesday night, some will be too close to call!

  4. David Michael Klawe

    FYI, the 405 Expansion is funded by Federal and State Funds. And it is the Federal Government that controls why the inner lanes will be HOT lanes, due to minimum speed requirements.

    The main thing Measure M (now called OC Go) is funding is one REGULAR lane in each direction on the 405.

    And a lot of Hotel workers make tips, in the case of a 4 Diamond one, a LOT. A car Valet can park how many cards per hour? And the tip per car? Or a Valet and Luggage. What is 20% of a high end restaurant?

    So in many cases, $15 per hour, plus benefits, plus Tips IS a living wage.

    • That 405 funding is a change that was made YEARS after me and Ernesto argued, and it’s still a rotten deal for 405 driverz/taxpayers. Off to vote!

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