Behind the Badge: This Rookie Anaheim PD Officer Tied One On, And His Act Of Kindness Went Viral

From Behind the Badge:

The 10th-grader had a big debate at school in the morning, but spaced out the night before.

He forgot to ask his father to leave a tied necktie for him in the morning.

Luke Cuevas, 15, who like most teenagers (and most adults) isn’t well versed in the fine art of tying a tie, was in a fix.

The Anaheim resident went on YouTube to watch videos on how to do it, but was running late to school.

“Don’t worry about it,” his mom, Melissa, told him. “We’ll find somebody to help.”

They zipped over to Calvary Baptist Church, which once a week hosts the Anaheim Coves Campus of Classical Conversations, a home school Luke attends.

Melissa Cuevas is Orange County Area Representative for Classic Conversations, a K-to-12th grade program active in 11 O.C. communities.

Mom’s optimism was nice, but a couple of women at the school who were asked to help Luke tie his tie tried, but failed.

Debate time was approaching.

As fate would have it, one of the most qualified persons you’d want to run into in such a situation happened to pull up to the church at around 8:15 a.m. on Sept. 20 to familiarize himself with it and Classical Conversations.

Rookie APD Officer Jeremy Prince, who was sworn in April 20, was about 2 ½ hours into his shift during his last week as a trainee, working patrol with his Field Training Officer, Juan Frias.

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  1. Nothing like restoring humanity.
    Also reinforcing to our kids that police officers are good.
    Heck, some will even tie your tie.

    Thanks Officer Prince. I don’t think that last name was by chance.

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