Which Mayoral Candidate Had These Words of Praise for Disney?

Quiz time:  which current candidate for mayor of Anaheim published these fulsome words of praise for Disney – defending its contributions to Anaheim and attacking criticism of the 1996 agreement creating the Resort District:

Some highlights from the now-candidate’s staunch pro-Disney advocacy:

“In addition, the City staff that worked that deal, Lisa Stipkovich, Dave Morgan, Joel Ficke, and Tom Wood, are still around. If Disney had broken promises to the people of Anaheim, you bet your sweet bippy that Galloway, Hernandez and Kring would be interrogating their staff, digging this stuff up to bludgeon Disney with right now.”

“You also make it sound like Disney got the City to pay for improvements that only Disney benefits from, but the City gained a benefit with improved rates for using Disney’s stellar credit rating rather than the City’s then in-the-toilet credit rating.”

The answer will be provided tomorrow.


  1. Truth About Anaheim

    Cynthia Ward

  2. I’m guessing my friend Cynthia, who changed her mind about a lot of things about a decade ago, the more she saw. She also writes long paragraphs and is keen on detail. Duh.

    What was it Emerson said about consistency and hobgoblins? I’m sure one of you smartie-pants knows that quote.

  3. She’s made more than a few political u-turns, and they weren’t a decade ago. One thing about Ms. Ward – she’s 100% certain about her position – even when it is the opposite what she was 100% certain about six months before.

    • Do people forget how opposed Ward was with Tait becoming Mayor? She is a joke. She has zero morals and convictions.

  4. Cynthia the “snake” Ward.

    Not exactly on point.

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