Anaheim/OC Hotel & Lodging Association Endorses Harry Sidhu for Mayor

From the Anaheim/OC Anaheim & Lodging Association PAC:

AOCHLA PAC Announces 2018 Anaheim Mayor Endorsement

ANAHEIM, CALIF. – AOCHLA PAC, the political action committee formed by the Anaheim/Orange County Hotel and Lodging Association, has announced its endorsement of Harry Sidhu for Anaheim Mayor.

Sidhu is a longtime business owner in Orange County. He served on the Anaheim City Council for eight years and is the first person of Indian heritage to serve on the council. Sidhu also served as Mayor Pro Tem from December 2009-2011, and in 2012.

“Harry Sidhu is, without doubt, the best choice for Anaheim Mayor. He has a track record of fiscal responsibility and is an advocate for economic development. He really is a champion of the business community,” said Jerry Amante, Executive Director of the AOCHLA.

“The members of the AOCHLA PAC feel Sidhu truly understands Anaheim’s diverse constituents and will make Anaheim a great place to work, live and play.”

For more information on Harry Sidhu, visit

About AOCHLA PAC: The Anaheim/Orange County Hotel & Lodging Association Political Action Committee (AOCHLA PAC) strategically raises and contributes funds to support candidates for public office that understand and support our industry. Comprised of AOCHLA members and staff, the PAC is committed to participating in the political process and creating opportunities to maximize AOCHLA’s voice and industry needs.


  1. What is his promising them, additional subsidies?

  2. Harry Sidhu is pro-business and pro-resident. It’s time to elect someone who will do what’s right for the City and the residents.

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