Aitken Signed Petition Supporting OC Needle Exchange Program

Anaheim mayoral candidate Ashleigh Aitken signed an online petition in December 2017 to support the operation of the OC Needle Exchange Program in Orange County, which distributes free hypodermic needles to drug addicts – giving a clean syringe for every dirty one, plus 20 more syringes. The petition was sponsored by the militant homeless advocate Mohammed Aly following Santa Ana’s decision to terminate the program over public health concerns such as used needles being discarded in public spaces such as parks and libraries. Aitken signed the petition six months after declaring her candidacy for Mayor of Anaheim.


She was joined by other progressive-Left activists such as Ahmad Zahra – who is running for Fullerton City Council in District 5 – and north OC left-wing-activist-at-large Mirvette Judeh.

Aly is the homeless advocate who tried to install porta-potties in the massive Santa Ana River Trail (SART) homeless encampment, opposed clearing the SART encampment, believes the homeless have a constitutional right to live on public property, and accuses those who support enforcement of anti-camping and anti-vagrancy laws of “hating the homeless.” He strongly supports Aitken’s candidacy.

Having been booted from Santa Ana, the OC Needle Exchange obtained state sanction to operate a mobile exchange program in Anaheim, Santa Ana, Orange and Costa Mesa.  They would still exchange needles on a one-for-one-plus-20 basis, capping each addict at 200 needles. They propose giving out 1 million needles a year, but admit at they’ll be unable to recover at least 250,000 used syringes – meaning they’ll be strewn about the above cities.

Progressives love plans and programs like needle exchanges that look work in a white paper but fail in the real world of human nature. Needle exchanges sound reasonable: give drug addicts clean needles to prevent the infections associated with sharing syringes and re-using hypodermic needles.

But needle exchange programs also enable drug addiction – they enable drug addicts to keep sticking hypodermic needles into themselves, albeit with a theoretically diminished chance of contracting HIV or Hepatitis C.  They also feed the problem of used and discarded syringes posing a health hazard to the innocent.

San Francisco operates a generous needle exchange program – and now has 10 city employees who full-time occupation is to walk the streets of San Francisco picking up used hypodermic needles.

Nonetheless, progressive politicians and activists are undeterred. Ordinary folks, on the other hand, operating on the basis of common sense, strongly oppose needle exchange programs. They know these programs perpetuate drug use and create more problems than they might solve.

10 days ago, Anaheim Blog contacted the most high-profile Anaheim mayoral candidates seeking their position on the OC Needle Exchange operating in Anaheim.  As we reported, we received responses from Harry Sidhu and Lorri Galloway, who stated they oppose allowing the OC Needle Exchange program to operate in Anaheim.  Mayoral candidates Aitken and Cynthia Ward have not responded.

At a recent mayoral candidate forum, Aitken indicated her support for needle exchange programs but opposed the OC Needle Exchange program as currently structured – which would seem to contradict her earlier support for keeping the needle exchange program going in Santa Ana.

There is no substantive difference between either incarnation of the OC Needle Exchange program – both involve giving drug addicts 20 needles for every 1 dirty syringe. Both fail to recover large numbers of numbers of used syringes, which then turn up in parks, libraries and on sidewalks.  The only real difference is supporting a needle exchange program is more obviously a political liability six weeks before the mayoral election than it was in December 2017.




  1. Still waiting for the debate. Needle exchange only if in a controlled environment and one for one. Otherwise keep out of Anaheim. See you all at the drbate

  2. Westanaheim resident

    I’m so happy this got out Ashleigh can NOT be our next mayor. She signed that petition knowing very well that they give 20 needles for every ONE they exchange. It also offers free heroine spoons, lighting torches, tie off for the arm of the addict, and it gives out FREE CONDOMS AND LUBE. Our own city employees have already been needle pricked from handling the needles littered after use and they had to go through all the testing and fear of having been exposed.
    Ashleugh Aikens is just well connected through her rich father, all his connections, and his money. Rich or poir, it means nothing, until someone tries to buy you a seat in government.

    It’s very obvious they are looking out for the trail marked Arms of the crackhead a and heroin users, but could care less if kids step on a needle thrown out by those addicts.

    We have already lost our parks to them, as they collect more peraphonalia to continue their illegal habits, forcing our kids indoors, our safety, and our loss of faith in our city. Certainly aiding criminal behavior might seem OK on paper to some, but between the food vouchers, motels vouchers, free needles, free phones, no consequences for camping on the sidewalks, and help with suing from the ACLU every chance they get, they come from all areas to be homeless here…Anaheim wake up.

    Aikens will make it WORSE here, let her stay behind her gated community in Anaheim hills, but she does not have a clue about the destruction the city has allowed in other districts already, especially mine…district 1. We can show you the truth.

    Please! She doesnt have a clue what’s happening.

    • True! She’s got a large banner on someone’s front yard on Florence and Cerritos… in Buena Park!! Guess those folks want druggies to stay in Anaheim. Nope, Aitken and her ilk have to go!

    • #Aitken4Needles
      VOTE NO!
      We don’t officially know where Ward stands but lets be honest, she probably doesn’t either since she changes her mind like the wind #WeatheredWard

  3. I announced the last mayor’s forum here, but apparently none of you people showed up, since Ashleigh told me nobody asked about needle exchange.

    This surprised her. I told her to remember, the blogs are not real life.

  4. Wow this blog is useless…

  5. Proof of who Asheigh Aitken stands with and confirms her designation of her progressive as well as the others. This was a published invite that also had pictures of each individual.

    “Join us to fight against special interests, take our local government back, and build our community!

    In October 6th, the Latinx Young Democrats of Orange County, Saddleback Young Democrats, Orange County High School Democrats, and College Democrats of CSUF will be canvassing for progressive, pro-public school candidates. These candidates include Annemarie Trejo, Al Jabbar, Ashleigh Aitken, Ryan Ruelas, Dr. Jose F. Moreno, and Juan Alvarez.

    Breakfast will be provided before and BBQ will be provided after the walk.”

    Also Sharon Quirk-Silva stands and campaigns with this group as well, campaigning along side and hosting events.

    Those running for Anaheim School Boards will “fight against Charter Schools,” while our public schools are failing our youth with the proof being failing scores. So they fight to keep failing our kids.

    “Join us to fight against special interests, take our local government back, and build our community!”

    We need to vote against this group, all of them. They are progressives whose aim is to further their position. Right now they have a majority in Anaheim and we are a mess with their leadership. They only want to further their progressive agenda.


    Homelessness remains unresolved and actually grew under the progressive majority. Most wanted to allow the homeless to use our parks but walked back their stance after public scrutiny. Where does Moreno stand on needle exchange? Ashleigh Aitken signed in support and then walked back her stance after public scrutiny.

    Those running for school board where do they stand on needle exchange? They will fight for their agenda which included FAILING SCHOOLS AND FAILING TEST SCORES.

    This group will say what you want to hear to get your vote. Do not trust them as they have proven to be untrustworthy.

    They are progressives but most are really Socialists with JOSE MORENO being their leader.
    Jose Moreno has failed his district. He only acted on the Deardens encampment when he was being held accountable.
    Jose Moreno has failed to represent all people.
    Jose Moreno has failed Anaheim.
    Jose Moreno as well as those listed do not deserve our votes. They have not earned it.

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