OC Young Republicans, GOP Leaders Endorse Harry Sidhu for Mayor

From the Harry Sidhu for Mayor campaign:

OCYR And Prominent Anaheim Republican Elected Representatives Among Endorsers

Anaheim, CA – Congresswoman Mimi Walters, State Senator Janet Nguyen, and Assemblyman Steven Choi have endorsed Sidhu for Mayor, as have Congressional Candidate Young Kim and State Assembly Candidate Alexandria Coronado. Walters is running for re-election and Kim is running for election in the two Republican-held Congressional seats representing Anaheim. Republican State Senator Janet Nguyen represents South Anaheim, and Assemblyman Choi is the only Republican State Assembly Member representing Anaheim while Coronado is the other Republican nominee for an Assembly seat representing the city.

Significantly, the OCYR endorsement will facilitate Sidhu’s ability to connect with young voters in Anaheim, which has one of the youngest median ages in Orange County.

“Harry Sidhu is the best choice for Republicans for Mayor of Anaheim,” Orange County Republican Party Chairman Fred Whitaker told the Central Committee last week before the majority of the committee, while ultimately not meeting the 2/3 threshold for an endorsement in the race, voted in favor of an endorsement for Sidhu. “Republicans need to unite behind Harry Sidhu for Mayor of Anaheim, especially with the Democrats united behind a full slate of candidates in Anaheim. It says a lot about a man when his former opponents endorse him after tough campaigns, and both Mimi Walters and Steven Choi have endorsed Harry Sidhu.”

Anaheim business owner Harry Sidhu is a former Anaheim City Council Member and Mayor Pro Tem. Starting his career as an engineer, Sidhu achieved the American Dream, saving enough money to start a small business which currently employs over 85 people. Sidhu and his wife, Gin, reside in Anaheim, where they raised their two children.

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