Anaheim Firefighters Endorse Harry Sidhu for Mayor

From the Harry Sidhu for Mayor campaign:

Anaheim Firefighters Endorse Harry Sidhu for Mayor

Anaheim, CA – The Anaheim Firefighters Association has endorsed Harry Sidhu for Mayor of Anaheim. The endorsement of the organization representing Anaheim’s trusted professional firefighters, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) adds to the growing momentum in support of Sidhu’s mayoral campaign.

“Harry Sidhu is committed to restoring Anaheim Fire staffing to pre-recessionary levels to ensure our firefighters can protect Anaheim families and neighborhoods,” said Rick Cheatham, President of the Anaheim Firefighters Association. “The Anaheim Firefighters Association is proud to endorse Harry Sidhu for Mayor of Anaheim.”

According to a poll of Anaheim voters conducted in July, the public strongly supports Anaheim firefighters, and a majority stated they would be more likely to vote for a candidate endorsed by the Anaheim Firefighters Association.

“I am honored to be endorsed by Anaheim Firefighters for Mayor of our city,” Sidhu said. “Protecting public safety is a fundamental purpose of government, and as Mayor, I will work with our firefighters to safeguard Anaheim residents.”

Anaheim business owner Harry Sidhu is a former Anaheim City Council Member and Mayor Pro Tem. Starting his career as an engineer, Sidhu achieved the American Dream, saving enough money to start a small business which currently employs over 85 people. Sidhu and his wife, Gin, reside in Anaheim, where they raised their two children.

More information on Harry Sidhu and his candidacy for Mayor can be found at:


  1. This is good for him because his campaign is going down in flames!! He needs someone to have his back since the central Republican party refused to endorse him.

    • Vote No on Moreno and Aitken

      Wouldn’t put much stock in the central committee…. republican voter registration rolls continue to plummet. The last thing they’re concerned with is republican voters. Sad but true.

  2. Police and fire will go for Sidhu, Brandman, and Caldwell. Why? IT’S THE PENSIONS.

    • But for you it’s the Penchant, Vern P Nelson, Vern Penchant Nelson, Penchant for Punishment, 5 or 6 times, I am not sure, but I am sure Harry can help you with your Penchant.

      • The firefighters union will endorse Grant Henninger in District 6. Are you going to bang on Grant for that?

        Or are you supporting the ventriloquist dummy Tait has recruited in D6?

      • I’m not really comfortable with any of the D6 candidates. That makes sense, Grant, it seems like Trevor is too conservative for the public unions. Harry of course is not.

        What, did you get the impression I go easy on Democrats? Pay better attention (If you care.)

  3. “Least dangerous” because she’s uninformed and unqualified?

  4. Ashleigh Aitken, Jose Moreno, Ryan Ruelas, Al Jabbar, Juan Gabriel, Jose Lara, J. Paolo Magcalas, Mike Matsuda all campaign for each other. They are all connected and share views enough to work to get each other elected.

    Please do your homework before voting. We need to stop what is happening in Anaheim and the way too stop what is happening is to NOT elect any of them.

  5. Speaking of Sidhu, public employee unions, pensions, and not getting the OC GOP endorsement:

    The one time I went to an OC Labor Day celebration was in 2010, when Harry was running (from a fake residence) for Supervisor against Shawn Nelson. Almost all politicians there were Democrats. But NOBODY got such a hero’s welcome as Harry Sidhu (except maybe Poseidon servant Cathy Green.) The union leaders practically carried him on their shoulders.

    If anybody on this blog seriously considers themselves “conservative,” their candidate should really be Cynthia Ward.

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