UPDATED: Council Majority Adopts The European Union Flag As Anaheim’s New Flag

This week, the Anaheim City Council tackled the critical, pressing issue of adopting a new city flag. The council voted 5-2 (Kris Murray and Lucille Kring abstaining) to adopt this as the City of Anaheim’s new flag:

Now, right-click on the new Anaheim flag image, click on “Search Google for image” and check out the search result: “Flag of Europe.” In other words, when the Google “sees” the new City of Anaheim flag, it thinks it’s looking at the flag of the European Union.

That’s not surprising;  here’s the European Union flag, for comparison:

After all the time and money spent on this ridiculous exercise in pointless, feel-good governance, the City of Anaheim has taken the flag of the European Union, slapped a light blue horizontal bar across it, tweaked the stars and pronounced it the new municipal flag.

On to the next pressing issue facing Anaheim.

UPDATE: The new flag isn’t getting a lot of love from residents, judging by the comments on the city’s Facebook page and Councilwoman Kris Murray’s Facebook page.


  1. Safari Serengeti

    Looks like Walmart Price Reduction Banner.

  2. The proposed flag is a perfect representation of the Anaheim city council, divided. This is a stupid idea, must be a Moreno cause.

  3. Possible the mayor could lead a charge to create a new improved official city logo that would better reflect his “city of kindness”.
    How much money could the “people’s council” waste on that exercise? That would leave the mayors stamp over the entire city for all to see and remember him by!

  4. Maybe the city wants to trade Disneyland for the failed EuroDisney that got rebranded?

  5. The mayor forgot to add the hammer and sickle.

  6. A city, divided and socialist. Perfect representation for Tait & Moreno’s Anaheim.

  7. What an asinine decision on changing our City flag. It is obvious those who voted for it also voted for the legalization of marijuana. The only thing this flag will ‘represent for decades’ is Tom Tait, et al, guaranteed anyone who sees it will be asking; ‘What the heck does it represent/mean/say?’.

    The Truth and Nothing But

    • Yes, it is obvious. Each of the five points on a star represent a marijuana leaf, so they are only two shorrt of a pecture revealing the coded message to smoke pot! Disgusting!

  8. Das ist richtig, meine gauleiter Heil Drumpf!!!.

  9. ?????
    Mr. Cunningham you should give us a little more info

    What do the Stars represent? What does the Bar represent?
    What makes people know it is Anaheim?
    I think it should at least have a hidden Mickey

    • The dark blue field is supposed to represent the city’s “rich heritage.” The light blue bar is supposed to represent both the Santa Ana River AND kindness. The six stars represent the six council districts.

      Isn’t that obvious?

      • Yes. It is obvious, actually.

        City growing around a river and a culture around a central concept.

        But hey, keep whining about flags. Seems to suit your skills.

        • Yep. I’m sure if you showed this flag to the average Anaheimer in the street, they would look at it and say exactly what you did. You’re so perspicacious and superior!

          Also, the Santa Ana River doesn’t go through the middle of Anaheim.

          Sorry. This new city flag exercise was a silly waste of time.

  10. This new flag would be just as appropriat waving at a used car dealership or getting people to your next open house. The old flag was perfect, why change it?

    Blue’s supposed to be our “rich heritage”?? What the heck does that mean? Anaheim’s heritage lies in winemaking and citrus growing, neither of which makes me think of the color blue.

    The bar should described as an illustrative example of a divided council, at least it’s more accurate.

    What a bunch of imbeciles we have on that council. I don’t blame Murray and Kring for wanting to have no part of this idiotic new flag.

  11. I was at the meeting and someone said “what a stupid FLAG”.

    DPOC Maniac and frail fighter Jeff Letourneu went Bannana’s mistaking the word “FLAG” for another word. Jeff couldn’t get it. He was foaming at the mouth, crying, whining and making an ass of himself.

    I would agree, though Jeff is STUPID!

  12. Councilmen Vanderbilt and Faesell should not be supported/voted as the both voted for this new “flag.” Obviously the blindly follow Jose Moreno and Tait so they do not have our best interests at heart We need to prove with out votes whose city it really is.

    Whose streets? The voters streets.

  13. Makes sense now: Tate and Barnes formed a a committee re: this UGLY flag. Two of our biggest airheads on the council. Also: no respect Faesell you just went along. No respect.
     Flag subcommittee
    o Members: Mayor Tait, Council Members Barnes and Faessel
    o Meetings: six with staff in June and July 2018

  14. Conservatives don’t just pick nits. They eat them, too. Helps build up their systems to fight off the diseases the communist vaccines turn you into icky spazzes for. Yup yup yup yessirree. It’s just common sense.

  15. What used to be Anaheim


    I believe there are far more pressing issues.
    This is kind of an embarrassment.

  16. If you don’t like the flag, be a loud voice to the 5 that voted yes and demand it be changed! Start a petition, send emails- do something.

  17. While three of the yes votes are not up for reelection, you can always NOT vote for Moreno or Vanderbilt, depending on which district they live in.

  18. Say Not to the Flag: Totally agree we need to protest and petition be so loud they listen. They only listen when they feel their office is threatened. If they don’t listen we will protest with our votes. Get the majority out and Tate will be out and the new mayor/council can throw out this STUPID decision and this ridiculous “flag”.

    Vote No on those that helped pass it.

    No on Vanderbilt

    No on Asheigh Aiken (Moreno/Tate ally)
    No on Barnes when the time comes
    No on Faessel when the time comes


    When Tate leaves he can take his flag with him and fly it over his house.

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