Anaheim Veterans Stand With Harry Sidhu for Mayor

From the Harry Sidhu for Mayor campaign:

Veterans Stand in Support of Harry Sidhu

Local veterans are standing in support of former Anaheim City Council Member and Mayor Pro Tem Harry Sidhu in his campaign for Mayor of Anaheim. Sidhu has a long track record of supporting the United States Armed Forces, veterans, and military families, including the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit.

“As a veteran who served our great Country, I’m supporting Harry Sidhu,” said Anaheim Resident Richard Castro, a Navy Corpsman who served in the Vietnam War and earned the Purple Heart. “I believe our City needs a balanced and reasonable approach to issues confronting us, such as Housing, Economic Development and the large number of aimless, vagabond individuals besetting Anaheim’s public spaces. I think that Harry will approach each issue in a humane and reasonable manner.”

“Harry Sidhu has been a true friend and supporter of our armed forces, veterans, and military families,” Vinny Nardolillo said, another Anaheim resident and former Navy member. “It is unfortunate that opportunists are attempting to make political controversy out of Harry wearing a civilian pilot suit with no military insignia.”


  1. Election Predictor

    The two best candidates are Mayor Pro Tem Lorri Galloway and Mayor Pro Tem Harry Sidhu.

    • Election Predictor,

      I can not get behind Lorri Galloway. I believe the stronger candidate is Harry Sidhu. His knowledge of the issues concerning ALL neighborhoods is much greater than any of the candidates.

  2. Not sure what you think Harry lied about. The man I know has always supported our military.

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