Nicholas Academic Centers And 60 Of Its Santa Ana Latino High School Students Attend July 27 Angels Game To Celebrate Academic Achievement

From the Nicholas Academic Centers:

WHO: 60 high school students from the Santa Ana area, primarily from Hispanic households, who have demonstrated academic excellence and show promise for the future.  Rosa Diaz, the Executive Director of the Nicholas Academic Centers, will be available for interviews.

WHAT: Nicholas Academic Centers (there are three in Orange County) provides after-school tutoring and mentoring to enable underprivileged students to attend college and realize their educational goals. The Nicholas Academic Centers have sent approximately 1,100 students on to college with most attending top four-year institutions such as Georgetown, UCLA, Harvard, UC Berkeley, UC Irvine and Chapman University. 100% of students enrolled in the Nicholas Academic Centers attend college after graduation compared with 68% for Hispanic high school graduates nationwide.

WHERE: Angels Stadium, section 425, staff and students available at 6:30.

WHY:  While tutoring and mentoring for academic subjects is important, so are social interactions like attending professional sporting events, performing arts, museums and cultural activities.  Often times, many experiences taken for granted by others (such as attending a baseball game) are a hardship or impractical for the students.  This will be the first baseball game for many of the Nicholas scholars attending the event.  The Henry T. Nicholas, III Foundation is making this trip possible through its support for the Nicholas Academic Centers.

HOW:  To learn more about the work of the Henry T. Nicholas, III Foundation and the Nicholas Academic Centers, send an email to

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