Sounds Like Moreno Is Supporting Aitken for Mayor

Speaking at his backyard campaign kick-off on Sunday, District 3 Councilman Jose F. Moreno gave what sounded like an all-but-official endorsement of fellow progressive Democrat Ashleigh Aitken’s bid to become Mayor of Anaheim.

While introducing local elected officials and candidates, Moreno acknowledged first-time candidate Aitken as the person “who will be our next mayor for the city of Anaheim. Ashleigh Aitken will follow that legacy that we have here in Anaheim.”

Judging by Moreno’s record and rhetoric to date, the “legacy ” to which Moreno refers would be demonizing Disneyland, inserting city government into the bargaining process between labor and management, floating vague platitudes about “investing in our communities” while focusing on more ideological initiatives, and building a farm team of progressive Democrats to run for local offices.

Although not official, a Moreno endorsement of Aitken isn’t surprising given their shared progressive-Left politics.


  1. I want that gold chain she wears around her neck to tow my motorhome.

  2. Sounds like he wants to go back to teaching full time. He just assured himself of no support from the council majority. Good luck Jose on your own. Good thing the carpetbagger Brandman moved out of your district since you only beat him by a few votes. This stupid move almost assures that he will himself loose this time.

  3. How does that work, the majority rejecting Jose for backing Ashleigh because … because … they’re such strong supporters of Cynthia?

    I have no idea WHO the mayor is backing for mayor.

  4. Former Moreno fan

    It’s very important to vote Jose out and wake up about the school districts too. Pictured in the video is Auhsd superintendent mike matsuda. This guy spends all day promoting himself passing on socialist articles on social media while the school district crumbles. He is a wolf in sheeps clothing promoting kindness while he rules with an iron fist against all that try present other view points. Bottom line is that he controls the union and the board so he inept, leadership goes unchecked. When he fires other leaders he uses obscure data and calls it accountability… my question who will hold matsuda accountible? Auhsd has now dropped below Santa Ana in standardized testing … his guy Rueles can’t get anyone to pass an AP test and yet nothing is done. Well it starts by taking out Jose because he pulls all the strings… stop voting in Jabbar, and Trejo they are not acting as public servents because they need the bros to win re-election.

  5. Moreno’s group is just bleeding what they can out of Anaheim. As you said former fan, look at the school scores. We are failing our kids, and this group has definitely failed the residents of Anaheim. Fool me once, shame on you…Fool me twice, shame on me. Get them out with our votes.

    • “Bleeding what they can out of Anaheim” – that’s hilarious projection assuming you’re a backer of the Murray clique.

      That’s as funny as when Trump said the other day that the Russians are gonna try to help the Dems win because he’s so tough on them.

  6. I asked our Mayor ProTem Jose Moreno if he supports charter schools (school choice), and he said no.

    I asked my fellow mayoral candidate Ashleigh Aitken, if she supported charter schools (school choice) and she said no.

    I asked our AUHSD Trustee/President Al Jabbar, and he said no.

    I have spoken to many, many concerned parents and students about our schools in Anaheim. Our families want to have genuine choices regarding where Anaheim parents can send their kids to school.

    While I personally and professionally disagree with them, I respect the choices Mayor ProTem Jose Moreno, fellow mayoral candidate Ashleigh Aitken, and our AUHSD Trustee/President Al Jabbar in their unwavering unanimity in saying no to charter schools.

    Likewise, I respectfully urge Jose Moreno, Ashleigh Aitken, and Al Jabbar to please respect the choices of our Anaheim parents and students that are in favor of exploring and accepting charter schools in our communities to ensure smaller class sizes, school safety, and academic diversity.

    I look forward to having a vigorous and civil debate with Mayor ProTem Jose Moreno, fellow mayoral candidate Ashleigh Aitken, and our AUHSD Trustee/President Al Jabbar, in the public sphere in promoting, supporting and expanding our school choice for our Anaheim parents and students.

    As your next Mayor of Anaheim, I am not here to advertise with tax payer’s money a boring, unrelated, and uninspiring sales pitch of false humility that Anaheim is a city of kindness, I’m here to tell our families, students and teachers that our city of Anaheim will be the California city that works for our communities, neighborhoods, and schools.

    I’m not here to talk about kindness from the seventh floor of our City Hall looking down at Anaheim residents. I’m here to get the job done, like on day one of being elected as Mayor of Anaheim, I will start moving our Anaheim Mayoral Office from the seventh floor to the first floor, so I can talk to Anaheim residents like you face to face, and not down at you from the seventh floor.

    Fuji, Independent Candidate For Anaheim Mayor –

    Founder of California Academy of Artificial Sciences –

  7. They’re Pinky and the Brain, one is a genius and the other’s insane. The brain (Moreno) and pinky (Tait) comes to mind. The legacy that Pinky speaks of his really his master plan rather than legacy. When the election comes we must vote this evil “brain” out and put a stop to his plan (agenda). They have ruined life in Anaheim.

  8. Why should progressive Jose Moreno siding with Ashleigh Aitken’s surprise anyone? As I understand her father a prominent Democratic fundraiser in Orange County and known by party nationals. If that’s true, after watching Jose Moreno, he’s all about himself and ideals, so cozying up to her makes perfect career sense, does it not?

    Yep, I have to agree with the poster above saying certain people are bleeding Anaheim for what they can get, and at nearly any cost to our city. It’s sad but from what I read candidates don’t appear to have a lifelong love affair with the City of Anaheim which suggests they are not going address the real problems all residents face, like grass-roots John (JMac) Machiaverna for Mayor. It’s up to YOU to check him out.

  9. JMac is certainly a nice guy. My wife is on the Community Servies Board and has really come to like him.

    • Nice guy or not though, Gengler, this is a chamber-funded blog, and the Chamber wants Harry Sidhu. (I think they would be happy with Lorri Galloway as a second choice.)

      • All Chambers chose election candidates; they are business first then community-driven, as they should be. Your opinion, however, in the matter or the Chambers has no bearing on my values as they pertain to who the best Mayor candidate is.

        This blog, as I understand, is owned by Matt Cunningham, who I am not acquainted with. He states “his public affairs firm represents both public and private sector clients, one of which happens to be the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce.” I could be wrong, but the revenue he receives from the Chamber is the same as the revenue from other clients. All of which may or may not go to cover the costs of this blog even personal life. That does NOT mean the Chamber controls his thoughts or what’s written on this blog.

        Vern, unless you can provide facts that show this blog is owned by ACC best not make erroneous remarks because they make you look foolish.

        I personally know John (JMAC) Machiaverna and my family has known him for many more years. He has his family and priorities in order and he’s a collaborator in leadership which is what is needed in the Mayor’s office. John (JMAC) Machiaverna is NOT a politician or lawyer. He grew up in Anaheim giving civically of himself. He owns a business so understands P&L but more importantly knows a great deal about how Anaheim operates. He genuinely cares about its people and what’s important to them.

  10. Moreno and Tait have made a solid effort to ruin this city. Their progressive ideas and mismanagement have left this city in shambles. Make Anaheim Great Again! Vote for Caldwell in November.

  11. Very funny, Fuji. You won’t get a civil debate out of Moreno because you’ve got the wrong last name. And I don’t think most Anaheim residents equate the competence of a mayor with the floor number on which his office sits.

    Ashleigh’s trying to buy her way in, and that’s enough info for me to look elsewhere.

    Moreno is a racist pig who’s too busy shouting I LOVE WHITE PEOPLE to realize how offensive he is. Say NO MORE to MORENO and vote him out in November.

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