District 3: Mitch Caldwell Raises $104,000 – Primarily From Anaheim Residents

Businessman Mitch Caldwell, a long-time neighborhood activist and former Planning Commissioner, has raised a formidable warchest for his inaugural campaign for Anaheim City Council. Caldwell lives in District 3 and is challenging incumbent Councilman Jose F, Moreno, the left-wing Democrat who was narrowly elected in 2016 with 36% of the vote.

Caldwell’s campaign report covers the period from January 2018 through June 30, although he didn’t officially become a candidate until mid-March of this year.  During those three-and-a-half months, Caldwell raised $104,901. Of that, $54,901 was from individual contributors and the other a $50,000 personal loan.

Approximately two-thirds of Caldwell’s contributions were from Anaheim residents or Anaheim-based businesses, with some contributions from the building trades.

Caldwell grew up in Anaheim and has lived in the city for 56 years. is a Democrat who operates a successful roofing contracting company. He was a co-founder and long-time president of the Anaheim Neighborhood Association (ANA), a post he recently stepped aside from in order to run for city council. He successfully led the opposition to a City Hall plans to demolish historic home in downtown Anaheim to make for for high-rise commercial building construction.

He has been endorsed by Anaheim Councilmembers Kris Murray and Lucille Kring, Anaheim Elementary School District Trustee DR Heywood, and a long-list of neighborhood leaders, residents and business people.

A third candidate, Robert Nelson, is also running in District 3. Nelson is a Republican who also ran in 2016. He loaned his campaign $6,998, paid himself back $2,739, forgave the remainder of the debt to himself, and did little campaigning. He was viewed by a number of observers as an anti-Jordan Brandman stalking horse for Moreno then and is likely serving the same role now.

The are 18,757 registered voters in District 3. The partisan breakdown is as follows:

  • Democrats: 9,079 (48.4%)
  • Republicans: 4,186 (22.3%)
  • No Party Preference: 4,748 (25.3%)

January-June 2018 campaign reports for Moreno and Nelson are not yet available; the deadline for submitting them is the end of July.


  1. Just like 2 RHINo republicans Murray and Kring endorsing a Democrat. They should be kicked out of the Republican party.

    • I’m ultra conservative and I would hands down support Caldwell (and any viable Republican OR Democrat) over the Che Guevera loving Moreno. Any true conservative would. Kudos to Kring and Murray!

    • Then you certainly include Tom Tait as a RINO for his strong endorsement of Jose Moreno.

  2. He’s running against Moreno, and thats good enough for me. I’d support a recall if other people wanted to. I don’t want to wait till November for Moreno to dissappear.

  3. Maria H: I completely agree. moreno must be run out of town. Recall Moreno Now.

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