Bernieheim: Barnes Feelin’ The Bern

Anaheim Insider here.

Socialist U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders came to Anaheim this past Saturday to plump for the unions’ $18 minimum wage initiative that’s expected to be on the November ballot. The venue was The River Church arena next to City Hall, and the arena was packed with Resort union activists and progressive Democratic activists.

It was unsurprising that left-wing activists like UNITE-HERE leader Ada Briceno, Councilman Jose F. Moreno, AUHSD Superintendent Mike Matsuda and local school board members Al Jabbar, Ryan Ruelas and Jose Paolo Magcalas were there.

More surprising was who joined them in applauding and giving standing ovations to Sander’s full-throated class warfare rhetoric against greedy capitalists: Councilmember Denise Barnes, the supposedly conservative Republican from District 1:

According to several people who attended the rally, Barnes was clapping and applauding along with the crowd of union activists as the socialist from Vermont inveighed against “corporate greed.”

Councilmember Denise Barnes cheering for Bernie Sanders.

An attendee forwarded smart phone video of Barnes feelin’ the Bern. It’s a bit grainy, but Barnes and her husband can be seen immediately below and a little to the right of the white column:

“When we stand together, we’re gonna win here in Anaheim, and all over the country,” shouted Sanders in his trademark Brooklyn accent, to applause from Barnes.

“If a corporation like Disney has enough money to pay its CEO over $400 million in a four-year period, it damn well has enough money to pay its workers at least $15 an hour!” Sander exhorted the crowd, prompting Barnes to give the Vermont socialist a standing ovation.

Barnes campaigned on the Tom Tait platform of repealing the luxury hotel TOT rebate program, and now she’s cheering on a socialist who believes in government direction of the economy at a rally to have the government impose a dramatically increased wage floor?

Meanwhile, Barnes constituents are stunned by her recent claim on her Facebook page that “we have had no serious impacts from the Baymont [Motel] since the clearing of the river trail“:



  1. What the hell? Thanks, Tom Tait for foisting a Berniecrat-in-Republican clothing on us.

    • Barnes was endorsed by the CRA -California Republican Association (Ballotpedia)
      Barnes identified herself as a Republican at the Anaheim Republic Association Forum (OC Political)
      She had a retired Republican State Senator working as her campaign manager (Voice of OC 2/16/17)
      She had Republican Cynthia Ward working her campaign. Now running for mayor (Anaheimblog 1/15/18)
      She was endorsed by Mayor Tom Tait who at least at one time was affiliated with the Republican Party.
      Someone once posted she was a member of the ARA -Anaheim Republican Assembly. (Not verified)

      Orange County is a Republican County (Voice of OC 1/18/18)

      I understand this is a nonpartisan council but not in reality because everyone discloses whether they are Republican or Democrat. Barnes wanted voters to think she was a Republican.

      Barnes did not disclose her Democratic Socialist support or idealiogies that I was ever aware of. Had she done so I think she would have lost.

      I am sorry I don’t know any Republican who would cheer like this for Bernie Sanders Socialist Agenda. In fact it’s striking to see the exuberant support for this socialist agenda contained in these videos less than 2 years after getting elected as a Republican council member.

      I am going to guess Barnes votes 70% or 80% of the time with Moreno a known Democratic Socialist and Bernie Sanders supporter. At least to his credit he does not hid his agenda.

      I think those in District 1 got taken if you thought we were voting for a Republican and saw this video.

  2. At first I thought this proves we got taken by Denise Barnes for not disclosing her true political agenda. After all there is a history of non-disclosure as evidenced by her getting cited and fined by the state oversight committee for failing to disclose her husband’s affiliation with certain companies. Plus when I saw her cheering for Bernie Sander’s socialist program, I remembered the democratic socialist agenda where it states about their plan to infiltrate local city politics. After all Bernie Sanders got his start in a local city election as mayor in the 1980s.

    It’s also not uncommon to see Democrats, for example, as in the last senate election in Pennsylvania pretending to have Republican values (2nd amendment, anti abortion) in order to get votes from Republican voters. Orange County is clearly Republican and it would make sense that someone would want to be a Republican on paper in order to increase their chances of getting elected. In fact there’s even that one case in Texas (2011?) where a candidate for a local office pretended to be black when actually he was white and got the votes to win. So tricking or failing to disclose to voters a candidate’s true political agenda is not uncommon. Denise Barnes has already been seen attending other democratic functions.

    But in order to pull off running as a Republican when in fact you have a democratic socialist agenda would take some smarts, sophistication and even cunningness. We have seen nothing even close to that from Barnes while she has been on the council.

    This video of her repeatedly giving standing ovations and clapping over her head for Bernie Sander’s agenda just confirms, what we all suspected, and that is she doesn’t know what she’s doing or what she believes in. It all depends, on any given day, which way the wind blows. Not exactly what citizens want in a council member for a city like Anaheim.

    I’m also thinking that Barnes winning by less than 300 votes is not a lot and had this affiliation with Bernie Sander’s and the democratic socialist agenda been disclosed we might have Steven Albert Lodge, a Republican on Council right now and things would be a whole lot different. For one Tait and Moreno would not have the majority and their guaranteed vote from Barnes.

    I believe voters have the right to ask in this next election: “will the real Denise Barnes please stand up?” (In this situation standing would be sufficient. A standing ovation, on the other hand, is optional.)

    “Freedom of speech means I get to tell you what you don’t want to hear” — An unknown citizen at the mic in 2016.

    • Steven Albert Lodge? I thought it was Steven Lodge Chavez? Or Steve Chavez? Is that the same guy that moved into our district so he could run for office?

      • Well, “moved.” Nobody ever saw him.

      • Anaheim homeowner

        Who cares if he actually lived somewhere else, most of the existing politicians do if you didn’t know that akready. Look around! Investigate, its known! So what, he still had better ideas than what we ended up with, and she ran on a campaign of being a long time resident! How did that work out for you??
        That was the least of my worries.
        Denise Barns was hand picked by mayor Tait for a bunch of reasons. The biggest being she would do anything he said.
        Does that make it right, does that make it any better? Are you any better off? Did she do an awesome job? How about helping even one thing in her district? Or are you glad she won just because she’s from here, regardless of her inability to help district 1?

        I doubt it.
        Check out her voting record.

        • Nope, everybody on the council right now lives right where they say they do. Barnes, Murray, Moreno, Tait, Kring, Vanderbilt, Faessel, all of ’em.

          • Well Vern- you had no issue when Vanderbilt moved into D2 from another district but take issue when Lodge moved to 1 from the Hills and Brandman from 3 into 2…

          • those are all slightly different degrees.

            Lodge was never even seen in the small apartment he rented out.

            Jordan moved at the last minute in order to run against Vanderbilt, and kinda strangely late at night.

            Vanderbilt announced in a packed council meeting that he was going to move to a place near his work, which his family has owned for decades, to run two years later for district 2, and he’s lived there ever since. I’m not sure, but he might have done that specifically to torpedo the Brandman majority’s reasoning for delaying district 3’s vote.

            You could call all three of them carpetbaggers if you wanna be a Bushala-style purist. Except for Steve. He was one of those special OC carpetbaggers like Galloway, Sidhu, Mimi Walters, Steven Choi, possibly Joe Kerr, who didn’t even really live in the place he’d pretended to move to. So there you go.

  3. You got who you voted for.

    Shoulda done a lil homework.

    • I’m sure many did do their homework. But they got duped by Barnes and Tait. Up to district 1 to act on it.

  4. I got duped! Guess the only way socialists/progressives/liberals can “win” is by lying through their teeth.

  5. West side resident

    I could care less if she was a liberal, all I care about is taking care of the district she swore to help. I don’t care about her ethnicity, or religion, but man it is important to me that she was going to take of the problems on the west side.
    Since she’s been elected, it’s worse, and she has no excuses why she votes the way she does.

    I didn’t vote for her because I knew she didn’t know what she was doing. But she’s getting paid to help district one, it’s her only job, to help this only district… I hold her totally accountable for every move she’s made.

    Instead she follows Tait around like a puppy and obeys his every command.

    • West Side Resident

      All anyone needs to do is go to a meeting and watch Denise during public comments.
      Denise is nodding her head in agreeance with Every left wing advocate that speaks. She said herself she’s an advocate for the homeless- not all of her residents.

  6. Today we’re facing a trend in all campaigns. Barn’s behavior here is an example. People with one set of values masquerading as a person with a different set of values to gain support. Once in the office, they go about their true colors bringing about voter confusion. In some corridors, they call that behavior politics.

    Not caring what political party candidates are tied to adds confusion when actual beliefs turn out to be counterproductive to what’s needed in a District or our City. Moreno’s agenda is always clear, but that hasn’t been the case with other council members. A council member showing up in support for an avowed Socialist that supports UNITE-HERE is counterproductive to any actual Republican’s values. If Anaheim citizens want a real nonpartisan council, they’d better chose candidates that above all else, care genuinely more about the city’s overall well-being than their own success.

    I’ve been in Anaheim for six years, and all I notice are alignments and actions that suggest underlying political party beliefs are behind council members actions and votes, yet it’s said the council is nonpartisan. I want a happier, safer and economically healthier city.

    Maybe it’s time to remove the word nonpartisan from campaigning to make council positions the political animals they are. I understand the theory behind the nonpartisan city council roles, but in the application, it’s not helping the city or voters least that I can see. How can we unsee Mayor Tait’s actions; an alleged Republican party member is actively supporting career aspirations of outright socialist Moreno; to my actual Republican understanding that takes their working relationship too far. So, what is his real party? And now Barnes, another alleged Republican with ties to Mayor Tait, yet caught jumping up and down taking in the Bern as if she’s something different. Republican’s don’t do that. She’s no doubt free to do whatever she pleases, but she’s sending a confusing message to Anaheim voters. Was that a manipulative move or is she valuing another party?

    Voting time is near. I may be mistaken, but we need more information about candidates, including real political party allegiance and values. Why they made that choice and how it would benefit Anaheim City Council and our city.

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