UNITE-HERE Welcomes Communist Party Support For $18 Minimum Wage

You can’t make this stuff up.

UNITE-HERE Local 11 is the militantly left-wing hotel workers union that is leading the charge for an initiative to impose an $18 minimum wage on targeted Anaheim hotels and hospitality businesses.

On its Twitter feed this week, the union promoted the support its getting from the Workers World Party – an avowedly Communist group:

The WWP seeks to foment a Marxist-Leninist revolution “in the belly of the beast – the U.S.” These true-believing comrades apparently think helping UNITE-HERE’s initiative is as good a place as any to “build socialism.”

A few questions come to mind. Who at UNITE-HERE Local 11 is visiting the Workers World Party website or finds value in its communist views? And why would UNITE-HERE publicize the support of a bunch of communists who just yesterday were defending the brutal communist regime of North Korean tyrant Kim Jong Un?

Are UNITE-HERE Local 11 apparatchiks just devoid of common sense and self-awareness? Or do they view the hard-core communists of at the Workers World Party as just being a little “out there”?

A few months ago, UNITE-HERE distributed flyers emblazoned with the communist hammer-and-sickle logo in heavily Vietnamese neighborhoods in Garden Grove. They were hoping to inflame those residents to oppose a Chinese-owned hotel project that wasn’t cooperating with UNITE-HERE Local 11 organizers.

So maybe UNITE-HERE’s embrace of Workers World Party support isn’t so much simpatico world views so much as cynical opportunism. Or both.

Keeping score on support for the $18 minimum wage initiative:

Socialist Bernie Sanders? Check.
Communist Workers World Party? Check.

Keep in mind, UNITE-HERE Local 11 is a major political ally of Councilman Jose F. Moreno and is trying to position itself as a political kingmaker in Anaheim.


  1. I think Matthew Cunningham is feckless.

  2. That was Rude !

  3. Tedtalks: “Don’t live your life with anger and hate in your heart. You’ll only be hurting yourself more than the people you hate.”

    Matt C: “They don’t like you but they will be checking your page religiously.”

    What happened to our freedom and democracy. Specifically, the right to free speech. Using vulgarity to hurt/smear someone personally or professionally is cyberbullying. The mean-spirited posts, the labeling, and the name-calling actually silence free speech. Cyber bullying actually silences free speeh as people are afraid to be honest about what they really think for fear of being judged or labeled.​

    Back up your position with facts rather than vulgarity.

  4. Tedtalks: Cyberbullying weakens your position.
    Matt C: “They don’t like you but they will be checking your page religiously.”

  5. This Catholic, Constitutional Republican and fiscal conservative is not built to hate and is open and capable of calmly discussing all sorts of differences, till “communists or socialists” enter the discussion or labor picture, as is the case here. My open nature stops there!

    If anything disgusts me and will never be tolerated, its communists and socialists. Why? Because communists and socialists are kindred control freak comrades that mislead the naïve, foster laziness, destroy then take control and give back nothing to the common man. They have one strategic intent regarding America, to destroy our “free” economic and social infrastructure and constitution, then take-over. We American’s can never tolerate their inclusion, period.

    The fact Unite-Here feels its opportune to introduce Communist “Workers World Party” support is not only disturbing, but it also infuriates my American sensibilities. Is Unite-Here’s leadership that naïve or collectively, do they think Anaheim residences and workers are so naïve and receptive, they will even buy communism or socialism if it helps to get the Resort area businesses paying $18 per hour. In this case, what’s sad about being naive, short-sighted and losing jobs are inevitable consequences.

    There was a time when unions brought protection and value to blue-collar Americans. That’s no longer the case. The questions I have WHO amongst Unite-Here is masquerading, with an underlying agenda, and how much, if any influence has socialist and councilmen Jose Moreno had in helping to launch the $18 per hour deception.
    The fact that communists are here and their kindred socialist comrade Bernie Sanders is here in support of Unite-Here $18 an hour jobs death grip should be a blatant sign to American’s and Anaheim residents and workers something is happening that people are not seeing. The last place I expected communists or socialist Bernie Sanders to show their ugly faces was in my Anaheim to rally support for destroying jobs… oops, that’s what they do. Wake-up people!

  6. Robert Menicucci

    Geez, how much to they pay you to dish out this hysteria? It’s hysterical. Quit clutching your pearls and simmer down. Take a Alprazolam.


    • I am surprised you’d make such an adolescent remark, and suggest drugs, really? How old are you?

      Let me be clear, there was no fear or anxiety behind my words just articulated thoughts regarding communist involvement in America and Anaheim labor disputes. You’re apparently challenged by my beliefs regarding communism? Are you are a communist or socialist or just a liberal sympathizer that supports their involvement?

      • I’m pretty sure Robert was addressing our host Matthew, not you.

        • Maybe, maybe not, still his remarks come off as a reactive youngster which means no substance and rude. The article states Matts viewpoint, is informative and poses questions, which are fair and should be asked and answered, even if liberals don’t like them. Regardless of who it was pointed at, Robert makes a groundless accusation, comes off as a supporter of communist inclusion which is wrong, out of place in Anaheim’s negotiations and doesn’t realize he openly diagnosed and prescribed the casual misuse of a prescription drug when America has an epidemic of prescription drug misuse.

          • Robert Menicucci

            “Robert makes a groundless accusation..”

            Let’s let our esteemed publisher answer the question, eh?

      • Robert Menicucci

        You should try a Zanax, too. It might do you a world of good. Your ramblings are almost incoherent.

        • Nope. Not interested in trying your drug of choice. You need them more than I do. Also, sorry if you’re unable to comprehend what I wrote. I understand that drug affects critical reasoning. lol

  7. For those that care to know: While there are similarities in the philosophy’s of Communism and Socialism, there are differences that should be stated. Under Communist government, individuals are provided for or compensated based on their NEEDS, NOT wants. Take a wild guess who determines your need.

    Under Socialism, individuals are compensated based on their contribution, so people that work harder or smarter would receive more than those that don’t contribute. Look to socialist Bernie Sanders millionaire life and his flock of followers that want to be taken care of.

    The flaw in the Communist model, no one has any motivation to work harder or smarter as it would have no impact or benefit for them. The same can be true with Socialism though. To see its effects look at collapsing Venezuela. Keep in mind, in the application for both states, the man seeking leadership really seeks power and exception which we in America see in most liberals; therein lies the core problem with communism and socialism.

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