Socialist Bernie Sanders To Campaign In Anaheim for $18 minimum Wage Initiative

America’s leading democratic socialist politician is coming to Anaheim on Friday to rally the left in support of the Coalition of Resort Labor Union’s (CRLU) $18 minimum wage initiative.

Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, who nearly wrested the Democratic presidential nomination from the Clinton machine, will speak at the River Church arena, next to Anaheim City Hall, this Saturday, June 2.

Sanders is an avowed socialist. He is the most far-Left national politician in this country and believes in government direction of economy. For example, he wants the federal government to give every unemployed person a $15 an hour wage with health care benefits. The fact that he is coming out here to campaign for a municipal minimum wage hike, says a lot about the importance progressive Democrats place upon this initiative – which is intended as a tool to turnout Democratic voters and boost efforts to unionize the thousands of non-unionized Resort workers.

This is serve as an unmistakable signal to conservatives, Republicans, moderates and libertarians that this initiative is the tip of the next phase in the progressive Left’s ongoing campaign to take over Anaheim city politics.

The initiative is sponsored by the Coalition of Resort Labor Unions – led by the militant UNITE-HERE Local 11 hotel workers union – and will presumably qualify for the November ballot. The pro-initiative campaign will serve as a Democratic voter turnout campaign that will significantly, negatively impact Republican fortunes in key races such as the 39th Congressional District (assuming a Democrat makes the run-off), the 4th Supervisor District and the Anaheim mayoral contest. Loss of those seats would be a body blow to the GOP already tenuous position in north-central Orange County.

If approved by voters in November, the CRLU initiative almost immediately boosts the minimum hourly wage from $11 to $15 at Resort businesses that benefit, directly and indirectly, from economic assistance from the city.  Every January 1, the minimum is hiked another dollar until hitting $18 an hour in 2020. It also builds in an automatic annual cost-of-living increase – so the minimum wage will automatically increase each year, even during recessions when businesses suffer downturns.

The initiative also turns the Anaheim City Manager into a labor relations officer charged with arbitrating labor disputes in the Resort – giving the unions an even greater incentive to try and dominate Anaheim city government.

The initiative is worded so vaguely, so broadly that a leading election attorney recently characterized it as “a litigation bonanza.“ The initiative states the higher minimum wage also applies to businesses which are merely “affiliated” or “adjacent” to a business that receives some form of city assistance. That vagueness is an invitation for the Resort unions to use the threat of litigation to intimidate those businesses into unionizing. The pitch: “Fight and expensive court battle with us that you may lose and wind up paying your workers $18 an hour with a permanent inflationary escalator built-in. Or allow us to unionize your workers on less economically damaging terms.”

This would serve as organizing tool for UNITE-HERE Local 11 and other Resort unions. More members means more dues money the unions can spend on electing progressive Democrats in Orange County. In Anaheim, UNITE-HERE Local 11 only represent a minority of Resort hotel workers (those at the Anaheim Hilton, the Sheraton Park Hotel and three Disney hotels). It hopes the $18 minimum wage initiative will change that and help add thousands of dues-paying members to its rolls.

Last year, UNITE-HERE Local 11 spent $160,000 to qualify a referendum on the development agreement of a luxury hotel that didn’t agree to unionization.  This year, Local 11 and the other Resort unions spent another $160,000 to qualify the $18 minimum wage initiative. Add thousands more Resort workers to their dues structures, and there will emerge in Orange County a situation analogous to the mighty hotel unions of Las Vegas that form the basis of Democratic political power in Nevada.

UNITE-HERE Local 11 would use it’s augmented organizational and financial resources to ramp up it’s political activities in Anaheim, Garden Grove and north-central Orange County. In the last few years, it has already succeeded in ditching the at-large council election system that favored Republicans in favor of the by-district system that’s created a pathway to a Democratic council majority. UNITE-HERE’s efforts are responsible for the narrow 2016 council election of Jose F. Moreno – the most left-wing Democratic politician in Orange County. Moreno and other progressive union allies are building a farm system grooming progressive candidates for school boards and city councils in central OC.

The upshot is the implications of the CRLU’s $18 minimum wage initiative go beyond bumping the minimum pay of Resort workers – as counter-productive as the economics are.  It is part of a broader project to re-structure Orange County along progressive political lines.


  1. Will Congressman Lou Correa greet and welcome the sitting US Senator and former Presidential candidate to his district?

  2. Bob Mulholland

    Bernie Sanders should campaign for a higher wage in his own state of Vermont. In Vermont the waitresses that serve Sanders breakfast get paid only $5.50 an hour.

    • Federal min. wage is $7.25 what part of Texas are you from? I can’t imagine what the crowd will be like at the fruit salad arena…no thanks

  3. What a disgrace and what a way to drum up the base – our illustrious Councilmember Moreno is all over this one!

  4. So here is something to consider?

    Sanders appearance will include stays at LUXURY hotels, private jet travel and tens of thousands of dollars in food.


    Somebody should get the contract “rider” on his appearance. He makes the phony Dali llama look like well a MONK!


  5. What does he have to do with Anaheim? If you do not like the wage you earn find another job or go back to school. You do not demand something from an employer and expect to get it. The unions should look at how much they charge each of these low paid employees in dues. Run moreno out of town and his whole group.

    • “Socialism which Bernie Sanders represents and Communism which Workers World Party comrades serve. “Serve is a keyword”. Why either of them was brought in to Anaheim Resort Labor negotiations is beyond this American’s comprehension; except to gain more of a foothold and naive people that want more than they are worth, at any cost to themselves or jobs.

      I can’t help but wonder if known socialist Jose Moreno may have had something to do with both coincidentally showing up in Anaheim.

      In a Communist government, individuals are provided for or compensated based on their NEEDS, NOT wants. Take a wild guess who determines YOUR need. Some power-hungry comrades. Study up on Germany, before the Berlin Wall fell. East Berlin lifestyle was very different from that of West Belin.

      Under Socialism, individuals are compensated based on their contribution, so theoretically people that work harder or smarter would receive more than those that don’t contribute. Unfortunately, that isn’t how it works after a man steps into socialist leadership; he quietly evolves into a dictatorship of sorts. To see that in action, look at collapsing Venezuela and socialist “dead” dictator Hugo Chavez’s failing protege President almost dictator Nicolás Maduro. Look at socialist “millionaire” Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders who decided he wanted power and found a lazy and naive flock of followers that want to be taken care as opposed to working for a reasonable hourly wage plus.

      The flaw in the Communist model, no one has any motivation to work harder or smarter as it would have no impact or benefit for them. The same can be true with Socialism though. It’s time to ask yourself WHY would an avowed socialist or communists support over-the-top $18 wage push by a union?

      For reference in 2016 average annual Communist China salary was 67,569 Yuan = $10,549.48. As for Socialist Venezuela, after near collapse, Maduro abruptly announced a 58% wage hike and an additional 67% increase in food subsidies. Together, Venezuelans now earn the minimum wage of $6.13 per hour. Given the failing business state there, I can’t help but wonder where that money will come from. Last, leaders in both those countries live in palatial mansions, have servants, multiple residents and are millionaires, like Bernie Sanders while their citizens just get by; that’s communism and socialism reality. Best think hard.

  6. Larry Herschler

    It won’t pass. I was surprised that they even got enough signatures. Although I do believe Federal wage ought to rise. Could you or your kid live on 7.25 an hour?

    • Though I expect it won’t pass I am concerned. For unknown reasons, someone thought it a wise tactical move to bring in Communists and Socialists as support.

      I have dealt with wage & salary and jobs of all levels for forty plus years. Our nations hourly wage is fine as it is. As for “Could you and your kids live on 7.25 hr?”. The simple answer is “NO.”

      Excluding tips and commissions, most retail related jobs like fast food service, low-end wait staff, retail and counter clerk posts are NOT designed in business charters for people to make enough money to step in and feed and care for growing families or made into long-term careers, though in some cases that may happen.

      They are designed as low-end and beginner positions to purposely attract, youth, students, young adults and PT workers that haven’t figured out what they want to do yet. Mature family men and women looking for entry-level career positions with possible advancement and higher incomes are supposed to seek other types of opportunities designed to accommodate those needs. Course those higher-paying hourly or salary positions typically call for more experience, maybe higher education too. This $18 per hour idea is so wrong for many reasons.

  7. Matthew Cunningham, thanks for the article post.Really thank you! Great.

  8. Robert Menicucci

    This site really is nothing but an hysteria gin mill.

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