District 3: Long-Time Neighborhood Activist Mitch Caldwell Launches Council Bid

mitch caldwell campaign logo feat[From the Mitch Caldwell for Anaheim City Council campaign:]

Mitch Caldwell, a 56-year Anaheim resident, businessman, and neighborhood activist, today announced his candidacy for the Anaheim City Council in Council District 3. Commenting on the issues facing the neighborhoods of District 3, Caldwell described his motivation for running for City Council:

“I was 14 years old when my parents moved my family to Anaheim. I grew up in Anaheim, saved to buy a home here, and raised my family here. I’ve lived in this great city for 56 years, and I’ve always fought to make it a safe, nurturing home for my family and others. Unfortunately, the current City Council is content to grandstand and engage in divisive, petty politics while day-to-day government grinds to a halt. The residents of District 3 deserve a City Council Member who not only talks about making their lives better, but actually makes it happen.”

“We need a back-to-basics approach to government that focuses on results. Anaheim’s record levels of homelessness demand swift and compassionate action that improves public safety. We must fully staff our fire and police departments and provide our firefighters and police officers with the equipment, staffing, and specialized units they need to protect our residents. And most of all, the neighborhoods of District 3 deserve their fair share from City Hall. That can only happen if we have a council member focused on results. I commit to working in a cooperative and effective manner for all residents, and bringing a focus on neighborhood results back to the City Council.”

Mitch Caldwell

Mitch Caldwell

Caldwell is a former Chair of the City of Anaheim’s Planning Commission and served on the City Charter Review Committee. He was a founding board member of the Anaheim Historic Preservation Foundation and served on the Anaheim Historic Preservation Committee. Caldwell also chaired the Central City and Citron Neighborhood Councils, and was a founder of the Anaheim Neighborhood Association.

Caldwell’s announcement has been met with outpouring of bipartisan support from community leaders. He has been endorsed by Anaheim City Council Members Lucille Kring and Kris Murray; Anaheim Elementary School District Trustee D.R. Heywood; District 3 neighborhood leaders Lew Aguilar, Gail and Eric Anderson, Paul Anderson, Fernando Carlos, Jim Collison, Brad Daniels, Cathy Dutton, Michelle Lieberman, Kristi and Chris Maya, Elsa and Greg McCafferty, Jonathan Mabe, Michelle Mora, Keith and Judy Olesen, Jessica Parris, Meghan Shigo, Dinah Torgerson, and Maria and Angel Ureno; and local business leaders Bill Taormina and Bill O’Connell.

Editor’s Note:  Caldwell is challenging incumbent Councilman Jose F. Moreno, who narrowly defeated former Councilman Jordan Brandman by 72 votes in 2016. During his 2016 campaign, Moreno supported repealing the city ordinance against camping in public parks and making Anaheim a “Sanctuary City.” Moreno is a left-wing political activist and a professor of Chicano Studies at California State University, Long Beach.


  1. please help mr caldwell and get rid of the radical leftwing people who sided with tait who said he was a conservative wrong i have live here in since 1955 before went to loara high and tait cant say he live here longer we need to get rid tait people

  2. Mitch will represent neighbors not out of town liberal activists. District 3 needs someone who cares about our residents and neighborhoods and who can build coalitions. Moreno alienates everyone for his own self interest. Time for change … Vote for Mitch Caldwell!

  3. I support Mitch Caldwell for all of the right reasons, his stated reason and the comments posted here. AND he also has a great asset in his wife Sherry! They make a great team for Anaheim District Three.

  4. There are no traditional parties in Anaheim of course. Mitch is certainly the SOAR candidate for District 3 now that Jordan’s moved. He’s going against a non-SOAR Democrat (Moreno) and a non-SOAR Republican (Nelson.)

    I don’t see the Dem half of the “bipartisan” listed on his endorsements, but I’m sure I’m missing somebody. I think good ol’ Mitch is a Dem himself, so maybe that does it.

  5. Stand For Anaheim

    Mitch will make a fantastic council member! He has a passion for Anaheim. He is running for all the right reasons. He cares about Anaheim. He cares about his district and thinks Jose is terrible. I say it’s time to take Anaheim back and save it from Commie Moreno.

  6. As a parent and a resident, Vern Nelson’s opinion of our community members and candidates does not have any credibility. This is a person who has multiple felony DUIs and consistently puts lives at-risk by driving drunk on our streets. His support of Jose Moreno and Tom Tait speaks volumes. Mitch Caldwell has my family’s full support.

  7. Great news! Love that gentleman from the Colony and wish him every good luck for a successful campaign! He will add intelligence, good humor and knowledge to our CC!

  8. Mitch Caldwell is the kind of person who does the right thing when no one is watching.
    I have always known him to be a fair and honest man. He loves this city of Anaheim and
    he brings so much experience and knowledge to the table.
    I was thrilled when I heard of his decision to run for city council.
    He is a person who can really make a difference.
    GO MITCH !!

  9. Mitch Caldwell got it wrong by voting to rezone an area in Anaheim and not caring about the surrounding residents when on the planning commission.

    • Sign your name and back it up “resident”.
      Your non-signature speaks volumes.

      • pj: I spoke factually. Mitch Caldwell did get the vote wrong and it hurt people that lived in the existing area. He voted with the developer against the expressed wishes of the residents. Just because I do not sign my given name does not make it so. It is public record and cannot be disputed.

        • p.j. That being said he is better than Jose Moreno and I hope he beats him. I hope from all the good things being said about him that maybe he got this vote wrong. But as I said before he absolutely voted against the residents pleas and got it wrong. So what I did not print my name he still voted on record and got it wrong, it is in the public record, check it

        • Resident: it’s difficult to agree or disagree with you when we don’t know what vote you’re talking about; when it happened, what part of Anaheim, how the zoning changed.

  10. Hopefully Caldwell’s campaign puts the blame squarely on Tait and Moreno’s shoulders for the homeless problems in the city. I would love to see campaign material with photos of Moreno and the SART mess.

  11. I fully support Mitch Caldwell for Anaheim City Council. I served as council assistant for Lucille Kring and attended many neighborhood council meetings while Mitch served as chairman. He represented his council very well, was fair to all, and got things accomplished. I urge all to support him and vote for him on election day.

  12. I like anyone for District 3 but Jose Moreno

  13. I am one of many dedicated union members that feels completely sold out by my union leadership. Our president will be having a going away party at the house of none other than ryan Rueles. Believe me their is a nexus of evil and matsuda, Jabbar, Rueles and the head of the snake is Jose Moreno. They are bad people that don’t care about students or teachers – it’s all about their power and inflated pay. I’m very excited about Mr. Caldwell stepping up, now we need a quality candidate to take on Jabbar! And wake up district 5! Rueles and Randle Trejo are way left of the centrist fair minded typical voter, let’s get them out too!

  14. Asta teacher: Keep commenting, I totally agree, all need to go! Drive the snakes out of Anaheim. We will no longer allow this group of self inflated evil doers to ruin our schools and our city. We need to see them for who they are and VOTE. NO MORE JOSE MORENO, RYAN RUELAS, JABBAR AND MATSUDA. Look at the state of our schools, look at their scores. Look at our city and its rate of job turnover.

    Vote Jose Moreno out by a landslide. He is not working for the good of all. He is working only for his “vision”, and that is Jose.

    Then get the rest out ASAP. Mayor Tait you have backed the wrong group which speaks volumes about you.

  15. Retired principal

    If you think the city government is unstable look at the Anaheim union high school district. Matsuda has fired or pushed out every competent leader sans a couple that are counting the days to retirement. Even though the pay and benefits are good, AUHSD is scrambling at several schools to fill positions right now. This district use to be a destination district under the leadership of people like Jan Billings. Now it’s a place for rookies and rejects. Very sad.

  16. Like someone or not opinion has zero value if you don’t live the district and your name is hidden.

  17. gary gengler: No one gives their address and just because I chose to not give my name does not change the public record of how many lives were changed by rezoning parts of Anaheim on Orange and Cerritos Streets. In both areas it was contested and the planning commission sided with the developer. Mr. Caldwell and the rest of the planning commission sided against residents and that is wrong.

  18. NOBODY doesn’t love Mitch Caldwell. If you got a problem with Mitch we want your name and your address!

  19. I stand behind my comments that on this issue Mitch Caldwell and the planning commission got it wrong and it hurt people. That being said, I hope he beats jose moreno soundly.

  20. oc dem: Say what you will but the facts will remain the same: when Mitch Caldwell sided with the developer instead of the residents, he got it wrong. No amount of commentary will change public record.

    • Aww resident, relax. I was just making fun of the intolerant groupthink on this blog.

      Actually I’m a Moreno voter. (And I’m not the infamous “OCDEM” who posts on the so-called “Liberal OC.”)

    • Oh PS, just between you and me, expect more “getting it wrong” if Mitch wins – he is going to be the big money candidate who will USUALLY side with developers. Have a good day sir, and don’t let these other folks scare you.

  21. Colony Insider

    OC DEM – Sounds like you know Mitch Caldwell very well.

  22. Resident, I would love to know what this mysterious “sided with the developer” project was. As you said, it’s public record, so I’d like to look it up. Thank you.

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